Shopping centers/Industrial, Office buildings

We have been designing and building buildings for various industries for many years and not only.

We are engaged in the expansion and reconstruction of existing facilities.

We carry out complex construction of industrial, commercial, agricultural facilities, warehouse, office and shopping complexes.

For example:

Agricultural facilities:
– cattle-breeding complexes;
– vegetable stores;
– granaries;
– warehouses, barns.

Industrial facilities:
– production complexes – workshops, warehouses;
– boxes, garages for equipment;
– building car washes and service stations;
– administrative buildings;
– office buildings;
– shopping centers.

Buildings can be equipped with lifting and transport equipment.

Depending on the material of load-bearing structures erected by our company, the buildings are:
– frame (metal frame, with a reinforced concrete frame);
– Frameless (metal, wooden, brick).

The external covering of walls is carried out according to the functional purpose of the building.

Our buildings meet safety standards, including wind and snow loads, which is extremely important in the cold season. Therefore, they can be used in all regions of Ukraine, without fears and risks.

There are single-storey, multi-storey and mixed storeys, with one or several spans, cold, insulated.
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