LLC „PMK-1” Production Enterprise has extensive experience working with customers of various industries. We have implemented projects of various complexity. We have the most comprehensive experience in building and operating solar power plants of any type, from small home systems to industrial facilities with a capacity of more than 2 MW.

To date, several technologies have been developed and are actively used that allow the generation of solar energy on an industrial scale. In the design and construction of solar power plants using the photovoltaic effect, our company uses silicon photovoltaic modules for ground, roof applications and trackers, which are characterized by an optimal price-performance ratio. Currently, it is this technology that converts solar energy into electrical energy that is dominant. The design of solar panels of a certain type allows for high efficiency in combination with great reliability and security of solar stations. The advantage of photovoltaic modules of this type is their very long service life – at least 25-30 years. Moreover, the reduction in power, which is caused by the natural aging of the components, which includes the photovoltaic module, is no more than 20% after 25 years of operation of the SES.

Our company provides a full range of work for the implementation of the program on energy independence – from determining the need, selection of high-quality equipment, design, installation, legal support and after-sales service in all areas of Ukraine. We are ready to offer for installation both a standard project of a solar power plant, and to develop an individual version that will take into account all the wishes of the Customer and the features of the place (facility) where the installation will be carried out.

We practice an individual approach to each client, aimed at the most effective solution of the task and long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.

Sun rays are and always will be – that means for those who can use them, there will be access to receive additional benefits from a constantly renewable source.

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