Frame construction technologies have proven themselves in the construction industry as a reliable, economically affordable tool for business development. Consequently, in agriculture and industry, the rapid construction of mobile production facilities takes almost the first place. Today, ground-based warehouses are very popular due to the speed of installation, a wide range of prices, the possibility of dismantling and re-equipping the facility.

If you need to build a vegetable storehouse in a short time, erect a building for storing grain, parking for agricultural machinery, etc. – please contact our company. We will be happy to advise you on any question of interest, help you make the right choice, and make a prompt calculation of the finished product warehouse.

Where did frame construction come from? A bit of history

American developers once made a kind of construction breakthrough. The so-called “Factory on Wheels” arrived at the construction site and in just a day was able to produce a large arched structure with an area of one thousand square meters. Of course, the minus of the hangara was in the limitation in height and width, but this, perhaps, was the only design flaw. Among the advantages, we note:

  • greater efficiency in construction;
  • no extra payment for the manufacture of the frame and heavy construction equipment;
  • savings on costly and complex foundations.

The arched panels were joined without bolts or welds. With the help of a special machine, the most durable and tight connection was obtained. The developers were also pleased with the reduced coverage costs. The roof in the arched structure was absent in its usual sense. The role of the roof and walls was played by the arched arch, so lower construction costs were noted.

Note! We can order not only ground storage facilities and agricultural hangars, but also the construction of trade pavilions, gas stations, car washes, residential buildings.

Stages of construction of production facilities

It is important for every entrepreneur to competently manage the budget allocated for business development. Therefore, the optimal ratio of quality and price has made frame hangars warehouses the most profitable business solution for those who want to quickly recoup construction costs.

Today, frame arched hangars and curtain structures can be considered one of the most relevant technologies for prefabricated buildings in all regions of the country. Each of these options has predominant qualities. That is why, when choosing, first of all, it is necessary to clearly understand what the future structure is intended for and what the conditions for its operation will be.

In order to build a production warehouse, you must:

  • Prepare a project, make accurate cost calculations. Here you can use a standard design or an individual version.
  • Delivery of all materials of the installation to the site where the assembly will be carried out.
  • The device requires a light foundation and is assembled on site.
  • Installation of utilities according to the project.
  • If necessary, thermal insulation of a warehouse or a ground vegetable storehouse to maintain an optimal temperature regime in any weather.
  • Commissioning of the object.

For the insulation of frameless hangars, the same materials are used as for the structures of the cold frame – mineral wool or polyurethane foam.

A unique system for the construction of land-based hangars warehouses in Kiev and a special fastening of frame elements allows assembly and disassembly, which makes the structure very mobile. In the center of the frameless hangars, there is no frame, while they can be made in two versions: both capital and folding. Arched profiles made of galvanized steel coils form an arched membrane, which is at the same time a supporting structure, walls and hangar roof. Cold-formed steel strips are connected with a special machine, forming a seam on the surface. Such a structure cannot be disassembled, and therefore it is not called mobile.

But, if we talk about the technology of folding frameless hangars, then structural steel is used in the center of the structure, from which trapezoidal arches are made. The self-supporting arched shell is assembled from segments, which are mounted together with the same type of bolts with a sealing washer. This allows further dismantling of the structure.

We guarantee high reliability of our buildings. Despite the fact that the hangar consists of very light structures, including support columns, rafter systems and beams, these elements give it reliability and stability for many years, and the special design of the sloping roof prevents snow accumulation and increases the usable area.

For the construction of a hangar, for example, which will be used for a grain warehouse or a frameless hangar for a grain storage, it is also possible to strengthen the walls, which will allow to withstand significant pressure on the walls of the object.

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