To ensure maximum satisfaction of your needs, we offer the construction of unique warehouse premises for business, which will help to organize the best and most convenient place for storing products. type.

The open types include warehouses designed for the safety of goods, which do not require protection from aggressive external influences and natural atmospheric phenomena. If your equipment, spare parts or other materials are not afraid of precipitation, temperature changes, wind, and so on, there is no point in overpaying and building covered warehouses. Open types of warehouses for individuals can also include structures equipped with awnings.

As for closed warehouses, they are most often erected to ensure the safety of goods that have their own specifications in trade or require special conditions (humidity, special temperature conditions, and so on).

Benefits of open storage facilities

Today more and more business people are interested in where to buy warehouse premises opened in Kiev. We propose to resolve this issue by contacting our customer support service at the phone numbers indicated on the site or by writing to e-mail. The company’s managers will help you make the right choice and tell you about the undeniable advantages of our new warehouse facilities.

In particular, we guarantee that a warehouse erected according to an individual project will be immediately ready for complex solutions for storing goods, repackaging, labeling, inventory accounting, cross-docking, including distribution of goods to end consumers.

Open warehouses are mainly intended for industrial and agricultural use. There are various types and designs of open prefabricated warehouses: made of steel or reinforced concrete, and more recently, structures defined as “hybrid” have appeared on the market.

The main advantages of prefabricated steel structures include:

  • The finished components are manufactured separately, the dimensions of which are already defined, cut and ready for assembly.
  • The construction phase is limited to pouring the foundation, assembling and fixing the components. On average, the assembly takes several weeks.
  • Traditional industrial brick hangars cannot compete with steel structures, as their construction is more costly, labor-intensive and time-consuming.
  • High security and reliability. Unlike traditional buildings, prefabricated canopy components are tested and improved during the production phase. This makes it possible to obtain greater structural reliability and, as a consequence, operational safety.
  • More affordable cost of building storage facilities.
  • Correct distribution of the load on the supporting elements of the structure.
  • The ability to identify and predict any critical issues present at the site where prefabricated warehouses will be assembled reduces the complexity of construction.
  • Prefabricated structures are designed to respond effectively to internal problems in the area, as is the case with areas of high seismic risk.

As you can imagine, in fact, a prefabricated building has a shorter construction time and significantly reduced labor time by almost 50% compared to capital construction. Also another great advantage is that open turnkey warehouses can be easily disassembled and then assembled elsewhere, so they can be considered a long-term cash investment.

What are the advantages of steel and reinforced concrete structures

In prefabricated steel structures, assembling, disassembling, transporting and reassembling elsewhere are much easier due to the lightness of the material, which makes work faster and reduces labor. Since the steel structure of the warehouse is made of a very lightweight material, it is much cheaper to transport and assemble than precast concrete.

Also, this material is highly resistant to all climatic phenomena, in particular when it comes to freezing and thawing. Unlike prefabricated reinforced concrete warehouses, even after the completion of the work, changes can be made to the steel structures both in the structure itself and in its expansion.

Attention! We also implement projects of polygonal hangars, industrial buildings, pavilions and much more.

Prefabricated reinforced concrete structures sold by our company differ:

  • good resistance to water, snow and corrosive gases;
  • have greater thermal insulation, therefore it is ideal for harsh climatic conditions;
  • much more resistant to horizontal loads;
  • they are much more stable than steel.

We offer our clients indoor and outdoor sports facilities, industrial warehouses, hangars and various industrial buildings at affordable prices. We guarantee professional support at all stages of cooperation, as well as provide warranty service after putting the facility into operation.

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