Country houses, like any other modular objects, are manufactured at the factory, and are transported to the construction site in a finished form. The team only needs to assemble the structure on site. Thanks to this, prefab summer house modular houses are erected faster, and labour resources are reduced several times. Also, modular buildings are more budget-friendly and energy-efficient.

  • світлий модульний дачний будиночок
  • дачний сучасний будинок модульний
  • дачний будинок недорогий

Construction of prefabricated modular structures

Pre-prepared modules are connected to each other in a certain sequence and form a complete structure. The advantage of construction is the possibility of adjusting the house to your requirements and individual needs.

It is also worth noting that the prices for the construction of modular houses in Ukraine are relatively low, and the structures fully justify themselves. They are waterproof, energy-efficient, completely safe during operation.

Who will suit such designs

Today, affordable prices for modular construction of houses in the Kyiv region have caused a huge demand for these structures. The advantages of such housing will be appreciated by people who:

• have a small budget and want to save;

• want to get a ready-made house quickly and without much effort;

• choose safe, economical and comfortable housing.

To order a turnkey house from scratch and provide yourself with a comfortable home, contact the managers of “PMK-1”.

The main advantages of the choice

The advantages of choosing such structures include:

• fast installation, which is possible due to the preliminary manufacture of modules;

• high-quality, certified products;

• affordable prices due to low construction costs;

• durability of buildings, resistance to various weather conditions.

Also, the structures are characterized by high thermal insulation, which means that they do not require additional air conditioning in the summer and are quite warm in the cold season.

country house view

What are the sizes of such houses

Installation speed and economy are far from all advantages. The PMK-1 company offers modular buildings of various sizes and configurations. To select your option, read the catalogue of ready-made projects or contact the managers of our company. They will help with the choice and select the best option individually for you.

Why should you order modular buildings from the company “PMK-1”

We offer the best combination of price and quality not only in Kyiv and the region, but also throughout Ukraine. We cooperate with the best suppliers and guarantee the speed of execution of robots without loss of quality.

Also, by contacting us, you can order services for repair, restoration of buildings, etc. We are waiting for your applications on the website or by phone.

Building a modular country house is a rational decision. Construction of such a building takes little time. There is no construction waste on the site and there is no need for long-term works. At the same time, the modular house is safe and comfortable. It perfectly retains heat and is not prone to shrinkage. It should be noted that the cost of building a modular house in Ukraine remains at an affordable level. This is the best option for those who want to quickly and inexpensively buy their own home or build a modern country house.

The principle of building a modular house

Building a house from scratch on a turnkey basis consists in combining modular structures directly on the site. The elements are manufactured in the factory with high-precision equipment, and each stage of production is strictly controlled. Therefore, you can not be afraid for the safety of the future building, because the construction of buildings is carried out exclusively by technology using high-quality parts.

The assembled frame is sheathed with panels with insulation. To maintain the optimal temperature in the house, mineral, or basalt wool is usually used. For a more comfortable stay, a layer of soundproofing material is laid. There is also protection against wind, moisture in the form of steam and precipitation.

Features of internal and external finishing

The external covering of a modular house can be plastic or wooden. It depends on the wishes of the customer and the recommendations of specialists, who are guided by the climatic conditions of the region.

The interior decoration can be any. The customer will tell you what he wants at the planning stage. Materials are determined during the design process.

Advantages of modular houses

Clients of the company “PMK-1” minimally participate in the process. The main thing is to say what kind of prefabricated modular house you want. After approving the project and concluding the contract, you will not waste your nerves and time.

Advantages of houses made of modules:

• small sizes;

• lack of foundation work, due to which there is no shrinkage of the house;

• affordable cost;

• high reliability, because the structures are quite strong;

• resistance to temperature changes;

• aesthetic appearance;

• quick compilation — usually it takes up to 5–7 days;

• construction in any weather and season.

country house gray modular

Houses from the company “PMK-1” are a smart decision

“PMK-1” company guarantees its customers average market prices for modular construction of houses in the Kyiv region. Our employees will deliver the panels to the site on their own. Building a house can take just a few weeks. Small structures are erected in just a few days. This is especially important if you need to build a temporary modular house, the cost of which will be budgetary. Small dachas are built according to the same principle.

Advantages of contacting our company:

  • we provide detailed design services taking into account the wishes of the client;
  • we perform turnkey construction, decoration, and repair works;
  • we are engaged in re-planning of premises;
  • we design rooms;
  • we offer high quality work for the best price.

We offer a choice of ready-made projects of modular buildings or options for building restoration. It is also possible to develop a design according to your requests by the company’s professionals. By placing an order at PMK-1, you will reduce construction costs by 25%, and the time spent will generally be halved.

How to order a modular cottage

To build a small, but cosy and functional house on your country plot, call our managers. They will show you ready-made projects, and you can choose something similar for yourself. There are many interesting and already implemented “ideas” in our catalogue. Alternatively, create your design project and get a unique modular object that will meet all your wishes and requests. From our side, we will make sure that everything desired can really be implemented without harming the quality of the building, and we will advise how to do it best.

Would you like to order construction of a house from scratch ? Don’t put it off for later! Apply now online or call the indicated phone number. We will pick the best option for you!

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