The production of public transport stops and stopping complexes is a responsible task.

Each of the stop facilities creates comfort for passengers and ensure their safety near the roadway.

There is a public transport stops (a simple type of stop facility) and a stopping complex (stopping the waiting of the transport + a shopping pavilion) taking into account the carriers of the advertisement message.

The trading pavilion can of the most different sizes and forms, depending on its purpose. We’ll figure it out together, help you decide, discuss the details.

Notably – our advertising light boxes are made of anti-vandal materials. And in general, all the materials that we use, high-quality wear-resistant. This greatly increases the term of exploitation, reduces the number of repairs and saves nerves. Externally, such stops, of course, look modern and new.

As transparent fences, we use a multilayered tempered glass with protective film or triplex. This kind of fencing gives an attractive appearance, impeccable strength and safety to structures.

We carry out work including your projects and drawings.
No? Let’s work out! Thanks to the creative potential and rich experience of our designers, we will help to realize any design solutions. At your disposal is a variety of shapes, stylish and modern details, unusual solutions.

We are for advanced technologies: we do not stand still and are ready for experiments. So any new task for us is a challenge, which we are interested to embody with maximum impact.

And further. It is important that modern and practical stopping complexes aesthetically change the appearance of our cities and towns. Make them more comfortable and comfortable for life, and most importantly – safe. We are happy to be involved in this process.

The cost varies from your flight of fantasy and assigned tasks.

Find out the details, the cost of your particular stop, dates and so on – you can in two accounts by contacting our manager. Dial our phone number right now. Or leave yours, we will contact you very soon.

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