Architectural and construction design

Any idea begins with a project.

We affirm that this is the main stage in construction. Why? Depends on it safety, durability and reliability of a design.

Each project and architectural solution is implemented in accordance with all the necessary requirements. We know what we are doing and why.

We together with you will go through all stages of planning, visualize your plan and successfully implement it.

We can provide design services without further construction.


3D Visualization is a powerful tool in construction and design. This is an extremely underrated assistant who, from the start, is able to solve a thousand problems in his future work.
And the main thing – answers the eternal questions “how it will look like?”, Better “red or blue”? “What if we add one more detail.”?

Strong visual advantages:

1. It becomes clear what to expect, and how to do even better.
2. There is an opportunity to experiment and create.
3. Get rid of surprises and finally make sure of your decision.
4. In the end, you get the job “as you like,” taking into account all the details and details.

Write an object on the plot, estimate the scale of the property on the ground, place furniture items indoors, select materials and colors – all this becomes simple and understandable with the help of visualization.

We provide this service as a complex with future construction or repair, or separately. Maybe you want to hang on the wall visualization of your dream home. Why not?


It happens that the existing premises no longer suits. You can, of course, change the room, or you can do it easier – make a redevelopment. For you, we will make it safe, beautiful, and functional. Everything will meet your new progressive demands.

We can help improve housing conditions, change the configuration of the room, solve the problems of engineering and sanitary equipment, and by all safety rules arrange an opening in the bearing walls.
Partly or partially replace partitions, and much more – at your service!

Write us using the feedback box, and we will discuss all the details of your particular task, we will answer how much it costs, and how long you will have to wait for the result.

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