Modular buildings are completely assembled on site and are ideal for building agglomerations or for temporary use. The modular design allows you to use the same building elements both in one project and in different building structures. Thanks to the optimal organization of space, block-modular buildings allow you to use the existing territory economically and as efficiently as possible. Thus, this construction system is best suited for the concentration of objects within the same building or for buildings with different purposes.

Today, by contacting the PMK-1 company, you can order not only a variety of modular buildings, but also, for example, the construction of a turnkey self-service car wash, bus stops, household premises, gas stations, security facilities, etc.

  • приміщення адміністративне вигляд всередині
  • приміщення адміністративного типу
  • модульний офіс види
  • адміністративне приміщення зелений колір

Characteristic advantages of modular buildings made of metal structures

The advantages are obvious: the high level of factory manufacturing and automated production allows reducing the order fulfilment time, ensure high assembly quality and extremely low costs. On the other hand, the shortening of the installation period makes it possible to shorten the rental periods of the necessary administrative premises.

The modular design means, foremost, quick readiness for use! With only a few weeks of production and thanks to a high degree of factory readiness, the administrative unit will function according to the given scheme.

Another indisputable advantage of the modular construction system is high accuracy, which is achieved due to the fact that each element is pre-manufactured in optimal conditions, and at the site of construction of modular buildings from sandwich panels, their assembly takes place simply.

Construction time is significantly reduced as site preparation and module assembly can be carried out simultaneously. Thanks to the high efficiency of such a solution, it is possible to effectively replace expensive administrative space and economically adapt quickly built structures to the future needs of the company. Significant saving of time at home, and savings on the scale of production, allows you to significantly reduce production costs. As a result, the price of modular buildings in Kyiv is as affordable as possible.

It is also important to note that prefabricated structures are ideal for modular buildings of a temporary or stationary nature of all types. They are most often used for construction:

  • offices;
  • schools;
  • commercial buildings;
  • administrative centres, etc.

These buildings have a number of characteristic advantages compared to traditional construction. If we briefly summarize the advantages of administrative quickly assembled modular buildings, the following positions can be distinguished:

  1. Speed. The time of assembly of prefabricated modules is much shorter than with traditional construction.
  2. Possibility of expansion. Modular buildings can grow rapidly as space requirements increase or the need to implement new functions.
  3. Settings Each space is created according to the needs of a specific project.
  4. Mobility. You can change the position of any modular room and, if necessary, move it to another place.
  5. Supply required. We can provide each module with all the necessary technologies to create a more attractive and comfortable space.
  6. Strength. The prefabricated modular design, thanks to the use of quality materials, ensures high strength and reliability.

As you already understood, our company specializes in the production of metal structures in Ukraine at the most affordable prices for consumers.

We strive to fully satisfy the needs of high-class modular offices of the administrative type, ensuring compliance with the highest expectations in terms of construction quality, design, and comfort. And all this without losing any of the advantages of modular architecture.

The PMK-1 range includes the best innovations in the field of modular buildings, being the most innovative product on the modern market. Our company actively uses materials of proven quality in terms of durability and strength, guarantees quick assembly and disassembly, as well as transportation of the building to a new location.

Container-type houses

Even the modular container-type buildings presented to customers are distinguished by a high degree of individualization of the exterior (facade, roof) and interior (walls, floors, roof). It is also important to note the versatility and adaptability to the needs of the project. Allows installation of administrative buildings up to 3 floors, which is extremely beneficial in conditions of limited free space.

We make sure that at each production stage you can fully rely on our specialists and not worry about the final result. In particular, to create the comfort of employees who will work on the installation of the facility entrusted to them, we deliver construction trailers, which are used as facilities for temporary accommodation of employees, and can be equipped for changing rooms on the construction site. We make sure to provide employees with the availability of sanitary modules.

So that you can fully rely on us, we provide the services of only experienced employees. At each stage of the performed work, we take care of your comfort and provide a detailed report on the performed activity. Please contact us, we will be glad to cooperate.

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