Modular constructions have gained considerable popularity over the last ten years, primarily due to the fact that the construction of buildings using them is as fast as possible. In addition, the use of these materials fully complies with environmental standards.

block modular boiler house in Ukraine

Services of production and sale of modular boiler houses

Turnkey modular construction is suitable for both permanent and temporary real estate. We are talking not only about industrial, but also about residential buildings. The structures used in this case are:

  • mobile;
  • fire-resistant;
  • soundproof;
  • able to store heat.

Our company “PMK-1” is engaged in their production and sale in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine. In addition, you can order services for the construction of modular buildings of various functional purposes from us.

The main advantages of building modular boiler houses

In our company “PMK-1”, the production of block-modular boiler rooms is in significant demand, as such services are distinguished by a number of advantages. The following can be attributed to them:

  • execution of works in full compliance with the customer’s project;
  • implementation in the shortest possible terms fixed in the contract;
  • variable change of premises and the possibility of expanding existing ones;
  • the possibility of moving the building to a new place;
  • complete safety of the materials used;
  • high level of thermal insulation.

We note that a block-modular boiler house for a private house can be equipped with all the necessary devices that the customer of our company needs.

Saving money

If you are interested in a modular block boiler house, you can order its construction with a fixed initial price of the project. In addition, other ways of saving financial resources should be taken into account. For example, the construction of such a building saves you from the need to run long heating lines to your own house.

In addition to all of the above, you should also pay attention to the fact that a modular boiler house can become a full-fledged classic alternative. At the same time, its operation is cheaper and simpler.

Comprehensive range of services

Services related to the selection and purchase of block-modular boiler houses include:

  • expert consultation;
  • project development;
  • consideration of the financial balance sheet;
  • delivery of equipment and its installation;
  • installation of the object and putting it into operation;
  • service and repair.

If you already have a boiler house, you should pay attention to the fact that we also provide our customers with other services. They include the reconstruction of old buildings for new functional needs.

Scope of use of modular boiler rooms

Since the price of modular boiler room blocks is quite reasonable, they have found their wide application in various fields. They are equipped not only in private residential buildings, but also in other buildings:

  • panel buildings;
  • offices;
  • kindergartens;
  • schools;
  • commercial premises;
  • sports centres;
  • production shops, etc.

We are ready for full bilateral cooperation with our clients. For more detailed information, contact us using the contact information provided on the website.

Modular designs for space heating are characterized by high versatility and ecological production. Similar devices are installed in residential buildings and industrial facilities. Constructions are used temporarily or in stationary boiler houses. Installation of block-modular boiler rooms for a private house takes place directly at the location.

  • блочно модульна котельна сірого кольору
  • котельня модульна вигляд збоку
  • блочно модульна котельня вигляд

What is such a construction as a block-modular boiler house?

Many people use the term block-modular boiler house without fully understanding its meaning. Any boiler room is often described like this: four heating boilers of the same power at the same distances, walls made of sandwich panels, rooms that are divided for different purposes – these are all very shaky and not always real signs.

Block-module boiler house: this is a steam or water heating boiler house partially or fully factory-ready, consisting of one or more modules. The complete set of the boiler room is absolutely any, depending on the technical task of the customer. That is, the defining characteristic of block-modular boiler rooms is the nodal assembly of boiler room systems in factory conditions before being sent to the place of installation and construction.

Block-modular boiler houses are also called transportable boiler plants. Block-modular boiler houses can serve one or more buildings, as well as an entire district or settlement.

Scope of application of block-type boiler modules

Block boiler modules are installed to provide water heating, heating and ventilation of the premises. Designs are characterized by mobility, the ability to add parts or change the general scheme. At the same time, the factory elements are fire-resistant, do not make noise, and are equipped with thermal insulation. They do not require constant operator control and are equipped with an external alarm system in case of emergency. They are mounted on any flat surface and can be quickly connected to the existing heating system. Such boiler rooms are also a product of factory readiness and include the design number of transportable blocks (in a closed version or without such).

Advantages of installing modular boiler units

Transportation of modules does not require specialized equipment, as they are part of a small-sized structure. After assembly, the device is immediately ready for use. Advantages of modular boiler houses include:

  • high-quality noise and heat insulation;
  • fast disassembly, transportation and assembly in a new place;
  • preservation of materials;
  • no need to lay communications, which is especially important when renovating a private house in Ukraine;
  • the possibility of installation in the existing premises;
  • operational safety.

A big advantage of modular units is the short time of setting up work. Almost immediately after installation, the module is ready for use.

Modular block boiler houses from “PMK-1” are a comprehensive approach to solving the problem

We offer to order a modular block boiler room at favorable prices. The company is engaged in the installation of block-modular structures in private houses, in boiler rooms of multi-apartment buildings, public buildings, offices, etc.

It should not be forgotten that despite the fact that the block boiler room is delivered by transport, it has all the signs and is an object of capital construction and requires obtaining a construction permit after passing the project examination.

block modular boiler room price

Complex of services from the company “PMK-1”

By contacting the company “PMK-1”, you get:

  • cooperation with a turnkey construction company at a fixed price, our company concludes a fixed contract with each client;
  • production of structures according to the client’s project or order of ready-made modules, taking into account all the wishes of the customer and quality selection;
  • short manufacturing and installation times.

The team of the “PMK-1” company is happy to provide advice on the choice of design and functionality of installations for each client.

The PMK-1 company employs only true professionals in their field, they will always correctly and quickly select the product you need, after which it will be quickly delivered to any part of the country.

 By contacting our organization, the customer receives a full range of quality services for model selection, including project development, in accordance with the individual conditions and wishes of our client. The calculation of the price for block-modular boiler rooms and adjustment of configuration takes place depending on the budget. Also, clients receive a comprehensive approach to solving engineering tasks:

  • pre-project studies of the facility;
  • object design;
  • supply of equipment;
  • construction installation;
  • commissioning, start-up and control of installation;
  • maintenance of the boiler room;
  • repairs as needed.
  • complex delivery of the object;
  • after-sales support;
  • extended equipment warranty.

We provide warranty documents for the production of block-modular boiler rooms. The company “PMK-1” offers related products, selects equipment and develops boiler rooms taking into account the features of the object.

The advantages of the installation become obvious already in the first year of operation. Costs compared to costs for centralized heating are reduced by up to 50%.

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