Arched structures, which are manufactured according to standard designs directly at the construction site, are a prefabricated frameless hangar. For this, appropriate sheet metal products from trusted manufacturers are used. The construction of warehouse premises by specialists of our company PMK-1 is carried out throughout Ukraine on a turnkey basis with a quality guarantee at a cost that is quite affordable for most customers.

Functional purpose

Today, the construction of frameless hangars is in demand in Ukraine due to the fact that such structures can have different functional purposes. Most often they are used for the following purposes:

  • as granaries;
  • in the form of a warehouse for finished products;
  • for storage of agricultural machinery.

In rare cases, frameless hangars are used for other purposes. This is facilitated by their technical characteristics and operational capabilities. Our experts are ready to provide customers with completely free consultations about what the main features of these warehouses are and what you should pay attention to when ordering their design and construction.

Also, the PMK-1 company provides services for the construction of sports buildings and structures. They can be more complex than arched frameless hangars. As a result, the cost of these objects is slightly higher than the construction of simple standard projects.

Main advantages

Before ordering a calculation of a frameless hangar from us, you need to pay attention to the advantages of such a structure. These buildings are in demand due to the following advantages:

  1. Cheap cost. This is due to the complete absence of the need to use metal structures, which are quite expensive.
  2. The minimum construction time. The construction of other hangars takes much longer. In addition, their construction can only be carried out by experienced professional specialists. It is much easier and simpler to put a frameless warehouse on a construction site.
  3. Lack of construction of powerful foundations. This is due to the small mass of metal sheet products. At other sites, the bulk of the weight is made up of metal structures, which are simply not available in frameless hangars.
  4. Low financial costs for the transportation of materials. The delivery of rolled metal sheets, as a rule, takes place in rolls. They can be placed on different types of vehicles without any problems. In addition, since they are quite lightweight, there is no need to use specialized vehicles for transportation, because transportation can be carried out even by means of standard trucks.

Thus, due to all of the above advantages, frameless hangars are in significant demand in Ukraine. In addition, on our website you can familiarize yourself with the design and construction of custom-made kiosks. They are very versatile structures, implemented examples of which have been used for a long time in many cities of the country.

What you should pay attention to?

Frameless hangars are structures that cannot boast of interesting architectural solutions. They are quite simple in appearance and design features.

Before ordering the design and construction of an object, it is additionally worth considering the following:

  1. Reduced usable area. This is due to the use of an arched structure.
  2. Limited overall dimensions. The height of an object cannot be more than half its width.
  3. The impossibility of transferring a structure from one place to another. If you carry out the installation of a building, the entire period of its operation must be in a specific location.

Unlike other types of hangars, frameless storage facilities are the least functional. Despite this, in some cases, the customer does not require high thermal insulation properties or an attractive design. As a result, these structures are popular.

Hangar cost

The price for frameless hangars in Ukraine is quite affordable. This is due to the fact that all the materials required for their construction are produced in the country. In addition, these objects do not require complex expensive frames and powerful foundations.

The calculation of the cost of frameless hangars is based on the following factors:

  • construction area;
  • the type of foundation chosen;
  • type of materials used;
  • the complexity of the design;
  • urgency of work, etc.

If you need frameless hangars in Kiev, please contact us for help at the contacts indicated on the site: phone number and email address. We guarantee reliable and quality services that compare favorably with the offers of other companies.

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