Special structures, which are designed for special, competent and comfortable keeping of horses, are arenas for equestrian sports. At the same time, they should be as practical and comfortable to use as possible. Our company provides its clients with services for the construction of equestrian sports facilities in all regions of the country at an affordable cost. Before using such a service, you should pay attention to the main advantages of our designs, features of mutual cooperation and some other important factors.

The main advantages of our arenas

Currently, the pre-fabricated equestrian arenas of our production are in great demand. Such designs have many advantages that customers take into account. Among them, it is worth highlighting, first of all:

  1. High build quality. Absolutely all structural elements are pre-checked by specialists. The entire construction process is carried out in compliance with safety regulations and current regulations regarding the assembly of frames.
  2. Reliability of construction. The frame on which the tarpaulin is stretched is distinguished by its high strength. It is calculated in such a way that gusts of wind, rain or snow do not adversely affect the stability of the structure.
  3. Versatility of use. The prefabricated frames of our production can be operated throughout the country in a wide variety of conditions. They provide reliable protection against adverse climatic factors, creating truly comfortable conditions for working with horses.
  4. Ease of construction. As a result, the construction process takes place as quickly as possible. This makes it possible to quickly provide a place for equestrian sports – both on an amateur and professional level.
  5. Large overall dimensions. Our specialists are ready to supply horse riding halls of the most varied shapes – depending on the needs of the customer. Large structures allow you to simultaneously use several dozen animals in the structure, while providing them with really good conditions and the proper level of comfort.
  6. Lightness and safety. The light weight of the metal, which consists of prefabricated elements, allows you to create a very reliable frame that supports the cover properly. Its operation is extremely simple and completely safe.

The construction of frame tent equestrian arenas by the specialists of our company is in demand in many regions of the country. They trust us, first of all, due to the large number of advantages, as well as significant experience in the construction of various structures for various purposes.


It is quite difficult to independently build an equestrian arena due to the fact that its design must meet certain requirements related to the peculiarities of caring for animals. Our frames differ in the following nuances:

  1. Corrosion resistant. As a result, technical characteristics and designs are maintained for a very long period of time. The strength of columns and trusses does not decrease even if moisture comes into contact with them accidentally.
  2. Lack of internal columns. For this reason, it is not difficult to practice equestrian sports. Horses have the opportunity to move freely around the premises, following the instructions of the athlete.
  3. Ease of maintenance. The construction of horse riding arenas involves the use of a minimum number of elements and connections. Because of this, during the operation of the structure, the number of problems that arise is minimized.

If you need hangars for riding in Kiev from the manufacturer, please contact us right now. It is possible to order services for the construction of such structures at an affordable cost.

Additionally, you can also order a garage box made of metal structures from us. Such a structure can be used to store a large number of devices necessary for practicing equestrian sports outside the city. These structures are distinguished by their strength, reliability and ease of transportation. If necessary, they can be transported from one place to another, which does not require a large amount of financial resources.

How to order a service?

In order to order services for the construction of arenas for horses, you need to contact us for help at the contacts indicated on the site, such as:

mobile numbers: +38 (044) 594-30-81 and +38 (097) 505-39-06;

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Additionally, it is worth paying attention to the fact that we provide our customers, including the opportunity to buy construction cabins for people to live in. They allow you to conveniently place all the things you need in any environment.

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