A currently very popular solution that allows you to implement a variety of projects in the field of construction of warehouse real estate are hangars from sandwich panels. Such structures make it possible to use useful space with great efficiency and rationality.

The typical design of most prefabricated frames is gable. The size and number of spans directly depends on factors such as the area and number of stores of the building. On our website, you have the opportunity to order the construction of turnkey hangars from sandwich panels at a price affordable to most of our clients.

Metal structures required for construction

Traditionally, for the construction of frame hangars from sandwich panels, metal structures are used, which are the basis of the entire structure. The rest of the building’s structural elements are attached to it. The range of rolled metal required for the implementation of a project directly depends on the overall dimensions of the frame, as well as the expected loads. Among them are, first of all, the following:

  • wind impact;
  • the mass of snow that collects on the roof during the winter;
  • number and types of overhead lifting equipment;
  • type of facing material, etc.

In order to install the frame on the construction site, it must first be leveled. As a rule, hangars are not built in relief terrain. The choice of the type of foundation used directly depends on the characteristics of a particular land plot, the operational characteristics of the building and the future functional purpose. In addition, an important role is played by how insulated the hangar will be. Several other important factors are also taken into account. These include, for example, the column spacing and the size of the unsupported span.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the cost of services for the construction of hangars from sandwich panels by our company is quite affordable for most of our customers. This is due, among other things, to the fact that we are using ready-made metal structures, which significantly reduces the price of the object being built.

Main features of sandwich panels

If you need a really warm, reliable and attractive enough hangar, sandwich panels are exactly those enclosing structures that can provide all these qualities to any structure of this type. These completed elements are transported in assembled form to the construction site, which significantly saves costs and optimizes the construction process.

It should be noted that pre-fabricated hangars made of sandwich panels have the following advantages:

  1. Ease of construction. As a result, customers lose the need to build really large foundations, which requires not only significant financial resources, but also a lot of time.
  2. Long service life. It is allowed to use a structure made of a metal frame on which sandwich panels are fixed within 50-70 years from the date of construction.
  3. Aesthetic appeal. The walls of a finished warehouse or hangar do not require additional finishing using any materials. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the customer has the opportunity to choose the color of the used sandwich panels in accordance with our catalog of available shades of such products.
  4. High degree of thermal insulation. As a result, you can significantly save on energy resources during the heated period of the year. In addition, the thermal insulation qualities of the structure make it easy to organize optimal conditions for storing goods or products.

Thus, if you need the construction of warehouses in Ukraine, please contact our company for help using the contacts indicated on the website.

The cost of our services

If you are looking for a sandwich panel hangar, the cost of building it can vary. It is based on the project to be implemented. The price is determined in advance, taking into account a number of different factors. These include, first of all, the following:

  • building area;
  • number of storeys of the structure;
  • constructive complexity;
  • the need to supply communication systems;
  • the size of the span less space and the pitch of the columns;
  • selected type of foundation;
  • urgency of the order, etc.

Having provided our specialists with all the necessary information, you can count on the design of the appropriate structure, the selection of all the required structures and the calculation of the cost of work. After that, all the nuances are coordinated and the installation of the structure is carried out directly.

PMK-1 is a truly modern enterprise that provides a whole range of services for the design and construction of buildings from metal structures. We provide a quality guarantee for absolutely every object. In addition, on the web you can find a large number of positive reviews about us. Trust only the best!

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