Our company PMK-1 implements projects of direct hangars on modern technologies.  They possess a huge amount of advantages to allocate them among many similar build-type buildings.  The fact that such a long-weded hangar is what their characteristic differences are arranged, you will learn from this material, which was prepared by our profile specialists.

Varieties of Hangars

So, the prefabricated straight hangar is a special building that is used for household, agricultural or industrial needs.  This mobile room, just like the arched hangars, is quickly mounted on the customer’s site and, if necessary, can be disassembled and transported to another place.

The base of a straight-walled hangar consists of special frame structures that are securely fixed on a shallow foundation. Depending on the purpose of the hangar, it can store grain, hay, agricultural products, paints, tools, and even organize a seasonal parking lot for agricultural vehicles. Together with them, modular change houses are also often ordered from us.

Due to their wide range of applications, hangars are so popular in many sectors of large, medium and small industry. The designs presented in our catalog can be divided depending on the specifics of the developed design project:

  • Straight-wales. This is the easiest, budget option. Thanks to this module, even several floors can be built in the hangar. In addition, it allows you to effectively use almost the entire volume of the entrusted room.
  • Arches. The advantage of this type of hangars is the efficiency and speed of installation, as well as the low load on the base, which allows the building to be mounted on shallow, light foundations.
  • Frameless. They can be mounted in any conditions. The fact is that for their construction it is not necessary to arrange a reliable foundation. Most often, these hangars are installed seasonally for storing agricultural products.

Benefits of straight-walled hangars

Before starting construction, it is necessary to carefully think over and arrange the project properly. Of course, in this case, not only the purpose of the object should be taken into account, but also the characteristics, the individual design project, as well as the conditions for its installation (in particular, the load on the base, the surface where it will be placed, the impact of environmental factors).

For example, a straight-walled hangar can be additionally insulated and thereby create an optimal indoor atmosphere both on hot summer days and frosty winter. The main structural part is a metal frame, the main advantages of which are:

  • Fast hangar construction time.
  • Sufficient stability of the structure, strength for many years of operation.
  • Relatively low price of building materials.
  • The prefabricated straight-walled hangar is distinguished by its mobility and ease of installation.
  • No heavy construction equipment is required for installation.
  • It can be installed even on soft ground.
  • Independent of changing climatic conditions and environmental influences.
  • Large selection of different design options, sizes and shapes of the finished structure.
  • Ease of regular maintenance.
  • The price of a straight-walled hangar is affordable.
  • Long term of validity (not less than 50 years).

Benefits of cooperation with our company

Our company PMK-1 in Kiev offers assistance at all stages of hangar construction. If you want to protect yourself from unnecessary worries – contact our managers and order a “turnkey” service. In this case, you will get the opportunity to technical support before and after sales service. We take responsibility for design, construction, transportation, installation, checking the interaction of all systems and commissioning. We will help you build a mini hangar 6 by 14 straight-walled with an arched roof or any other design option of your choice.

A metal hangar with straight walls can be installed in just a few weeks, while building a conventional hangar will take at least 3-4 months. Plus, the prefabricated structure can be easily disassembled and transported to a new location with absolutely no risk to its functionality.

We are ready to help you not only buy a straight-walled hangar in Ukraine, but also move the hangar to a new location if necessary. Our staff will help you choose a straight-walled hangar that best suits your company’s line of business, make it the required area, height, organize thermal insulation or build walls without it. In the future, the structure can be used as a production workshop for mechanical engineering, a car service from metal structures, a garage for agricultural cars, buses, tractors, combines, etc.

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