What are block-modular dormitories, what are their main advantages, and what is the scope of application? We will try to give the most detailed answers to these and many other questions in this article.

And yes, the module concept itself is in many areas today. From urban planning to architecture, from furniture to industrial design, the essence here is always the same and is based on the use and repetition of basic patterns to create and develop more complex structures. The same philosophy is applicable to prefab houses, and in our case – modular dormitories, the price of which is many times lower than fundamental buildings.

  • гуртожиток модульного типу вигляд внутрішньо
  • модульний гуртожиток всередині

Individual basic, standard components, called “monoblocs”, are connected to each other to create complex structures, meeting the functional and spatial needs of those who use them. Examples include side-by-side or two- or three-level structures, often used to accommodate prefab offices, laboratories, or dormitories.

What are the main areas of application of modular prefabricated dormitories?

The fields of application are practically endless. One of the great advantages of these designs is their extreme versatility. In fact, two or more modules can be combined to create complex individual solutions on one or more floors. Even the interior of each modular prefab building can be designed according to the client’s wishes, adding or removing walls, windows, including or removing accessories to obtain a space that fully meets specific needs.

With the help of modern technology of modular buildings, which are quickly built, you can build a warehouse or gas station, develop a project for a shopping centre or an administrative building. Please note that, trusting our company, you can also build a frameless hangar or design a unique sports complex.

Continuing the theme of modular prefabricated structures, we want to answer the question that many of our customers have: can such an object become a full-fledged residential building (even if it is temporary)? Of course, it can!

Among the many uses of modular prefabs is the ability to create individual residential modules or multiple units. These are real houses where whole families can stay for the entire time of their housing reconstruction. Depending on the number of residents, this type of prefabricated house has an area of 30, 45, 60 and 75 m².

It should also be noted that block-module type dormitories can be equipped with:

  • single and double bedrooms;
  • kitchen;
  • a bathroom.

Like other prefabricated houses, they can be additionally equipped with water and electrical systems, air conditioning and a heat pump.

What standards must meet the modular prefab dormitory

If you intend to buy modular dormitories, you must understand that all modular monoblocks and prefabricated houses can meet the characteristics provided by current standards, according to specific requirements, which vary significantly depending on the intended use and installation location.

Different intended uses also entail different requirements:

  • in relation to surfaces (according to hygiene rules, local rules and safety regulations at the workplace);
  • regarding fire resistance (in accordance with the technical rules applicable in each specific case);
  • insulation and systems (according to the law on electricity consumption and safety).

Once a specific need is identified, it is always possible to obtain a perfect match of modular prefab buildings applied to the standard requirements. What if you require a modular prefab but for a limited time? No problem! PMK-1 will help you build modular dormitory buildings in Kyiv for any temporary need for living space (in case of works or repairs, as well as for limited events such as seasonal fairs or in case of an emergency).

Modular dormitories blue

An inexpensive factory-made dormitory has many applications for both temporary and permanent residence. It can be designed, built and, if necessary, delivered at least 40% faster than traditional concrete or brick structures.

While the site is being prepared for modular turnkey dormitories, modules are simultaneously designed and manufactured at the factory according to your requirements. They are then transported and assembled at your facility. The case is handled exclusively by professionals, so the work will be completed quickly and efficiently.

Also note that modular dormitories are at least 20% cheaper to build due to strict manufacturing processes and less waste. You can create an inexpensive turnkey living space in the shortest possible time, and we will help you, because the production of modular dormitories for workers in Ukraine are one of the main profiles of our activity. Large multi-story buildings often take years to design and build, and modular elements can be manufactured in the shortest possible time.

Also, among a wide range of services, we highlight the construction of quickly assembled shopping centres, pavilions, kiosks, gas stations, summer terraces, houses, bus stops, etc.

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