We manufacture and install pavilions and kiosks (LFA) for retail business, any configuration, including collapsible.

We can use the objects of our construction for any of your purposes, but more often they serve as premises for the sale of beverages, food, trade in flowers, the press, tobacco products and other goods.

Our pavilions and kiosks are distinguished by the optimal build quality, if necessary, the LFA can be transported to another trading place.

The actual construction technology in our enterprise, is aimed at reducing the structural weight of the product, light and at the same time very strong objects – our profile.

The finishing with composite panels is currently leading among the finishing materials of modern facades, which is quite natural, since aluminum has qualities that are excellent for structures that serve outdoors. Light, modern, beautiful.

The main advantages of the technology:

1. Practically complete anticorrosion resistance, partial or complete incombustibility (depending on the selected composite)
2. Plasticity and elasticity of the structure
3. Ventilability of the facade
4. Mechanical strength
5. Long service life
6. Ease of maintenance.

Outside, this design looks solid and attractive, while inside it it is comfortable to be, work and rest.

The insulation between the composite and the bearing wall of the building allows to optimize the costs of heating the building in winter. Also, behind the warmed facade is not hot in the summer. And soundproofing adds comfort and coziness inside the room.

For external and internal decoration, according to the customer’s request, various materials are used, protective shutters, visors, decorative elements, advertising media are installed.

To calculate the cost of your pavilion or kiosk, ask a question or clarify the detail – dial our phone number. Or leave it in the feedback box, and we will contact you very soon.

Premises for the sales department

Our company carries out manufacturing of mobile premises for the sales office, manufactured using modern technologies of frame construction. (For example as a sales department for a residential complex)

Mini-office is a mobile room that is easily transported and can be transported to any place. The room has all the engineering structures and communication nodes that will allow you to successfully conduct any business activity. Any office can be filled with household equipment, office equipment and feel like a full-fledged office. The room will be a place for meetings, business meetings and presentations.

A presentable office will help to make a positive impression on your customers, thereby increasing trust and loyalty to your company and product, which directly influences decision making.

We take into account all the individual features and requirements, we will offer ready-made solutions based on our own designs or on your sketches. Mobile offices can be completed with heating, conditioners, shower cabins, bathrooms depending on the wishes of the customer.

Our goal is to make such an office to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in it for the acceptance of important clients and necessary solutions. The cost of mobile offices in each case is calculated individually. To find out the details, promptly calculate the cost, or ask a question – contact us right now!

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