One of the most common problems you have to deal with in a small warehouse is lack of space. This is a complex issue that is made even more difficult by rising prices in the real estate market, a factor that makes expanding storage space costly and costs not always affordable.

Organization of the internal space of a warehouse is a painstaking work that requires accurate calculation. The first step in developing a warehouse design is to accurately measure the actual work space. Next, you need to calculate the area occupied by architectural elements (supports, partitions, etc.). This study is necessary to evaluate alternative solutions to better organize the available industrial space.

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Still want to buy a warehouse in Kiev? We offer you a great alternative that will save you money and at the same time will be as functional and practical to use.

Turnkey warehouse construction

The current pace of development of the construction sector requires the market participants to construct buildings in record time. Prefabricated buildings help deliver projects in record time without sacrificing building quality.

Our turnkey warehouses combine the simplicity of steel structures and the reliability of foundation objects, resistance to weather conditions and increased stress. Installation of such warehouses takes little time, and in terms of reliability, they are absolutely in no way inferior to analogues made of bricks and concrete blocks.

The main reason more and more entrepreneurs choose to build prefabricated warehouses is because the process saves money and resources. The construction of these premises does not require the involvement of large construction equipment and a large number of workers. Only one team of professionals is able to cope with the task and assemble a warehouse from scratch in a short time.

If you are worried about how much it costs to build a warehouse, we hasten to assure you that this is a much more profitable solution than the construction of a turnkey stationary building. By contacting our specialists, you can clarify all the details of interest and a detailed calculation of the cost.

Turnkey construction service includes:

  • Creation of an individual design project for a warehouse. It is during the precast design phase that the foundations for successful construction are laid.
  • Manufacturing of structural elements.
  • Delivery and assembly of the structure.
  • Preparation for commissioning.

The construction of an industrial building will take a minimum amount of time, and the result of the work will delight the customer for many years, we guarantee it!

What is important to consider when choosing

In order to build a warehouse, you do not need to fill in a deep foundation or break piles. After the designers analyze and assess the specificity of the soil, the climatic characteristics of the area, as well as the limits of the location of groundwater, you can begin to prepare the area.

When erecting prefabricated structures, preference is given to shallowly buried foundations. Base metal and trim panels are usually supplied from the factory with assembly instructions. A professional team will complete the installation in a matter of days and prepare the premises for commissioning.

Also, when choosing the construction of turnkey warehouses, you need to pay due attention to compliance with safety requirements for easily erected structures. Compliance with the rules and regulations of fire safety is necessary at the design stage. This means that the raw materials and materials used for the implementation of the warehouse must be made of refractory material.

Since the load-bearing elements of prefabricated structures are made of steel, according to the degree of fire resistance, they belong to the third type. This means that insulation and other materials used for construction must be highly refractory.

Summing up …

From our consultants, you can find out the approximate cost of construction and work on their professional assembly. We also offer you the construction of frame buildings from metal structures, shopping centers, industrial and office buildings. We provide advice absolutely free of charge, plus we will help you to make an accurate calculation, decide on the choice of appropriate materials, find out the total cost of services. You can contact the PMK-1 staff by calling the numbers indicated on the website or by ordering a call back.

Regardless of what you need to equip, garages, car washes, sports facilities, residential buildings or just build a summer veranda, please contact our managers. We are always glad to new clients!

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