Special multifunctional structures, the installation and operation of which does not imply the need for arranging massive foundations – these are cold hangars. Such structures have a very impressive strength and are resistant to environmental influences. Most often they are used in the national economy as warehouses. Our company provides customers with the opportunity to order the construction of cold hangars with the provision of related services necessary for the commissioning of the facility.

Purpose of cold hangars

It is important to note that metal hangars are truly multifunctional structures. They can be used as buildings such as:

  • industrial premises;
  • warehouses and warehouses;
  • garages for machinery;
  • automotive maintenance services;
  • car washes;
  • office premises of some agricultural companies;
  • storage for grain or vegetables;
  • temporary shelters in the field;
  • premises for processing and processing of agricultural products.

Our company offers customers two types of cold hangars, which differ from each other, first of all, in the type of construction used. We are talking about arched and straight-walled structures. Each of them is in corresponding demand. This is facilitated by the functionality of such premises, which makes it possible to locate enterprises of different purpose in them.

Attention! We undertake the development of an individual design project and necessarily take into account all the necessary requirements, technical specifications and generally accepted standards.

The process of creating a structure

Today, the construction of custom-made cold hangars by specialists of the PMK-1 company is carried out in several stages. The production and installation cycle implies the implementation of such processes as:

  • alignment of the construction site for the main work;
  • arrangement of the foundation;
  • creation of used metal structures;
  • assembly of elements at the construction site;
  • sheathing and insulation.

The external cladding of cold hangars can be made using a variety of different materials. When choosing them, it is worth focusing, first of all, on the functional purpose of a particular object. We offer our clients the opportunity to equip structures using the following materials:

  • galvanized steel, coated with polymer paint of absolutely any shade;
  • aluminum coated steel sheets.

The use of the above materials allows you to significantly extend the service life of objects and save on repairs and finishing in the future. First of all, this applies to those structures that are built using galvanized steel sheets.

Benefits of working with us

If necessary, anyone can buy cold hangars in Kiev – both an individual and a legal entity. We provide our clients with different types of services – from designing a building to putting it into operation. All construction work is carried out by professionals who use the latest engineering technologies and modern production facilities.

The main advantages of cooperation with us are as follows:

  • availability of turnkey cold hangar construction services;
  • prompt execution of any order;
  • preparation of project documentation for the facility;
  • quality assurance and timely completion of work;
  • great experience;
  • provision of warranty and post-warranty service.

It is important to note that the manufacture of metal structures to order is carried out by our specialists using modern equipment. The frame of buildings, whether it be warehouses, gas stations or security structures, consists of shaped pipes, beams and channels. The buildings are provided with window and door openings.

Metal structures should be installed on a specially prepared surface. The interior space is arranged in accordance with the functional purpose of a particular object.

What determines the cost of a building?

At the moment, the price of cold hangars depends on a number of factors. Despite this, the cost is quite affordable for most of our clients. Building a modern, reliable warehouse on your own premises is not a very expensive process that many can afford.

Production and installation costs are calculated based on the following factors:

  • type of construction used;
  • type of materials used;
  • overall dimensions of the structure and its volume;
  • the need to insulate walls, floors and roofs;
  • sizes of windows and doors;
  • floor area, etc.

Also, if you are interested in the cost of building a gas station, our experts will help with calculations. On average, the construction of such an object at a price starts from 6500 hryvnia per 1 square meter. In order to discuss all the details of the process, you need to contact the administrator of the PMK-1 company at the phone numbers indicated on the website or e-mail address. If you trust us, the result is a truly first-class product.

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