The construction of cottages and cottages is one of the most promising areas for our company today.

In the first place for us is security – therefore, the development takes into account the climatic conditions of the terrain, snow and wind load and so on. We comply with all the key standards of construction for the comfortable living of tenants and their complete safety.

Possible economical options for both cottages (made of brick and gas blocks), and cottages (based on metal structures by type of household premises)

But! Savings are justified not in cheap labor, but in the competent selection of building materials. We are qualified to advise you and choose the optimal construction option.

We will pass with you all the stages of construction, including:

– production of the project;
– excavation;
– the organization of foundations;
– erection of a box of buildings;
– roof construction;
– internal finishing works.

We can carry out the transportation of summer cottages to a new place, if necessary. This is a very innovative solution, but we practice it.

We approach with full responsibility to every stage of production, considering everything, to the smallest details.
It is important for us that we are returned to new homes, recommended to friends and acquaintances.

Therefore, our work is characterized by impeccable quality and durability, not to mention reliability and safety.
We work according to the principle – every stage of work, from foundation to interior finishing, must satisfy the customer completely.

If you have any questions, you need to clarify the details, or you decided to build a cottage – dial us at the phone number right now, or leave yours in the feedback box, and we’ll discuss your new home.

  • private houses (from 5500.00 UAH per 1sq.m)
  • cottages / country houses (from 5500.00 UAH per 1 sq.m.)

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