Warehouse semi-closed premises are special structures, a distinctive feature of which is the presence of 2 or 3 walls, as well as a corresponding canopy over them. The latter prevents precipitation from entering the structure. One of the most important properties of such warehouses is the possibility of free access to them from one of the sides. We produce semi-closed warehouse premises at an affordable cost in absolutely any region of Ukraine.

Warehouse design

The design of semi-closed warehouses by the specialists of our company PMK-1 is in significant demand. This is due to a number of various factors, among which, first of all, it is worth highlighting the affordable cost of services. At the same time, we ensure the reliability of our products and their high quality.

The design of warehouses is carried out taking into account the purpose for which they will be used and where to stand. To do this, our specialists must inspect the construction site and determine the best way to drive to the premises. Based on these data, it is possible to determine the optimal placement of the structure at a specific facility.

It is not recommended to build warehouses or warehouses in Ukraine in lowlands and marshy areas. It is also imperative to take into account the terrain. If you make any mistake in the design, during the operation of the structure, there is a risk of quite serious problems. The most unpleasant among them is the flooding of the building. In addition, some companies organize the approach of vehicles to warehouses in such a way that it is extremely inconvenient for even experienced drivers to do this. PMK-1 specialists guarantee the absence of such problems at our facilities.

Rational placement on the ground

Structures that require the use of appropriate communication, depending on what their intended purpose will be, are semi-closed metal structures to order. As a result, the specialists of our company take into account the following important factors during the construction:

  1. Organization of access roads. Automobile transport must have unhindered access to the facility at any time of the day or season. This affects not only the usability, but also the efficiency of the enterprise. The higher it is, the easier it is to ensure a good level of functioning of the warehouse.
  2. Availability of electricity sources. In addition to the fact that the warehouse must be illuminated, it is often necessary to ensure the operation of video surveillance cameras on it. In addition, many facilities use certain technological devices that require a connection to the network. The presence of a power source does not require the use of generators in the warehouse. This is not only extremely convenient, but also more economically feasible.
  3. The proximity of the mains. With its help, it is possible to ensure compliance with the relevant sanitary and hygienic standards in the warehouse. This, in turn, increases the comfort and safety of the staff. In addition, if there is a water supply, it is easy to clean the structure.
  4. The location of the road or railroad tracks. If the warehouse is in demand, the road infrastructure plays an almost decisive role in its operation. The better it is developed, the more profitable a particular object will be.

On our website you can order the construction of warehouse premises for cheap in all regions of Ukraine. For more detailed advice, you should use the contacts indicated on the page: mobile phone numbers or e-mail address.

In addition, you can also order modular trade pavilions from us. They are carried out both according to standard projects and with an individual development of an appropriate design for the needs of the client.

Cost of work

The cost of warehouse space in Kiev by our company PMK-1 is calculated based on a number of different factors. These include the following:

  • total area of the room;
  • the complexity of the configuration of a specific object;
  • the number of communications required;
  • type of the implemented project – standard or individual;
  • types of materials used;
  • the presence of any additional conditions of the customer;
  • design features of the project, etc.

If you need a warehouse or warehouse in Ukraine, the specialists of our company are ready to help you with this. We implement even the most complex projects that other companies that provide similar services are unable to accomplish. In addition to the design and construction of storage facilities, we can order the construction of a hangar from corrugated board. For more detailed information, please contact us for help at the contacts indicated on the site right now!

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