Modular structures are prefabricated houses for permanent residence. If such a need arises, they can be built on any territory from scratch. The main feature of this structure is that the modular blocks are pre-produced at the manufacturer. All that remains is to transport the modules to the location and connect them to each other on the site. Lightweight houses are ready to move in; they can be used as a main place of residence, a guest house, a summer cottage, etc.

  • збірка модульного будинку
  • модульний будинок з заводу
  • гарний білий модульний будинок

How is construction done

Modular house is built according to a standard design. You can choose one of the suitable options based on the number of rooms, square footage and other parameters, and then place an order. After this, specialists immediately begin assembling the structure at the factory using SIP panels or sandwich panels.

The standard turnkey delivery time for a small house is up to one month. While this process is underway, the necessary preparatory work is being carried out at the site. It is necessary to pour the foundation on which the final structure will be installed. During the factory finishing, the foundation will completely set.

What is special about a small turnkey house ? After completion of the work, you receive a completely finished project, into which you can immediately move in and begin living comfortably. It contains all the elements necessary for living, namely:

  • external finishing – insulated walls, ceilings, floors so that you do not freeze when cold weather sets in;
  • interior decoration – plumbing, kitchen furniture, fittings are already installed and awaiting your entry;
  • communications – heating is carried out in a modular design, wiring is installed to ensure power supply, sewer pipes and a water drainage system are installed.

Depending on the type of standard project, we build turnkey houses with an area of ​​15 square meters. Choose the area depending on the number of people living and the purpose of the building. For permanent residence, you will need buildings of a larger area than buildings used for receiving guests or recreation.

production of modular houses in Ukraine

What ensures high quality building

To ensure high quality assembly of a house from modules, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • assemble all designs in strict accordance with standard values;
  • ensure high-quality connection of all modular elements with each other;
  • automate the factory assembly process, which is achieved through the use of modern innovative equipment;
  • use reliable materials – drywall, metal structures, panels, glass wool, roofing membranes, galvanized sheets and other elements from trusted manufacturers;
  • comply with the standards of wear resistance, moisture resistance, strength, and resistance to cold penetration established for each of the materials.

It is important that the house meets fire safety requirements, does not heat up to the limit during the hot season, and does not let in cold air from the street when frost sets in. Therefore, every element we use in the construction of prefabricated houses undergoes thorough testing and certification.

Scope of application of modular houses

Previously, modular structures had a limited scope of application. They were used to organizing temporary accommodation for workers, as change houses or country houses. This was convenient, because it was possible to accommodate workers, and after construction was completed, disassemble the modules and move them to another location.

However, technology does not stand still, and modern modular houses can be used in a much wider range of situations:

  • if necessary, urgently get a comfortable place to stay;
  • if you have a limited budget, the cost of modular structures is less than that of conventional capital options;
  • when organizing a comfortable place for construction workers to live;
  • when constantly moving from place to place.

A factory-finished house can perform various functions. It is created for living, working, relaxing, storing things and solving other problems. The range of options allows you to choose the configuration that suits your specific goals.

Advantages of modular structures

The design of modular houses with their subsequent installation is gaining increasing popularity in Ukraine. This is facilitated by several advantages that these types of buildings have:

  • speed of construction – it will take only a few hours to place an already assembled modular structure on a prepared site;
  • mobility – if the need arises to move, the modules can be quickly assembled and installed in another place (imagine that your home can be transported in the same way as clothes, documents, furniture, household appliances and other things);
  • cost – the construction of permanent buildings requires significant costs for building materials and developer services, but the construction of a modular house is less troublesome and more profitable;
  • environmental friendliness – during construction they use materials that do not harm the environment and are safe for people and animals;
  • energy efficiency – the building saves enough heat to create a comfortable microclimate;
  • a wide range and the ability to create an individual project – there are offers of ready-made standard buildings, but you can offer your own option, which will be designed specifically for you;
  • no hassle – there will be no troublesome construction process on your site, so no noise, mountains of building materials and other “delights” (the modular design is completely assembled in the factory);
  • flexible interior decoration – select furniture, materials, design at your discretion.

What determines the cost of a modular house

The cost of building a turnkey house per m2 depends on the following factors:

  • type of materials used in construction;
  • the number of modules that will make up the final structure;
  • total area of ​​the modular house and number of rooms;
  • option of interior and exterior finishing;
  • the type of foundation used for construction;
  • the distance over which it is necessary to transport the finished modular structure.

You can buy a modular house in Ukraine at an affordable price from us due to the fact that we are the direct manufacturer of the structure. No intermediaries are involved in the transaction, which means that there will be no extra markups, as is usually the case when collaborating with third-party companies.

At the same time, we recommend not to save excessively on materials. You can fall for promises of the cheapest possible home, but as a result you will get a building that will last only a few years, will not maintain a comfortable temperature and will not have the necessary conditions for living. Therefore, it is better to invest more money, but buy a prefabricated modular house from the PMK company for decades.

stages of manufacturing modular houses

How to order modular houses

Our catalogue of individual residential buildings invites you to familiarize yourself with standard building designs and complete their order. The procedure is as simple as possible and includes the following steps:

  • determining the layout and equipment – sit down and think about what kind of house you want to get and what elements it should be equipped with;
  • choosing the appropriate option – visit our website and choose the option that best matches the characteristics of your dream building;
  • call the manager and discuss the details, he will answer your questions and help you make the final choice;
  • make payment for the implementation of the project;
  • wait for the completion of the modular structure and the arrival of craftsmen on the site to install the house.

If among the presented standard options for modular structures, you have not found one that meets your requirements, you have the opportunity to create your own design project. Together with a professional designer, you will work out every detail of the future home to get a completely individual building. We will give you competent advice that will help you implement your plan without compromising the quality of the structure.

Projects and prices of turnkey modular houses on the website are fixed. This means that after ordering and as they are sold, their cost will not increase, even if during this period the materials have become more expensive or the market has changed. A custom-made house from the PMK company can be delivered to any locality in Ukraine, but the further it is located from Kyiv (where our assembly plant is located), the more expensive the cost of transportation will be.

Why our company offers profitable cooperation

The popularity of manufacturing modular houses has led to the emergence of numerous companies offering their design and construction. Unfortunately, the hostilities in Ukraine and the destruction of numerous buildings only contributed to the need to quickly build housing for people who have lost it.

However, in the wake of the popularity of modular structures, not all companies take their tasks responsibly. Many only care about replenishing their wallets, pushing the needs of clients into the background. We do not belong to this group and implement projects of small cosy houses for living under the following conditions:

  • cooperation with the best Ukrainian suppliers of materials;
  • assembly of structures in one place – at our Kyiv plant;
  • absence of intermediaries;
  • a large number of options among standard projects;
  • emphasis not only on the speed of project implementation, but above all, on quality.

All of these factors make purchasing and building a modular home effective in a wide range of situations. If you are currently without a place to live, but want to live in a comfortable residential building in a month, modular design is the optimal solution for all occasions. You can verify this by your own example by placing an order with our company “PMK”.

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