PMK-1 is engaged in the production of steel structures, complex construction of frame and frameless buildings, design of warehouse facilities using modern technologies, etc. We understand that it is not easy to choose a quality supplier of steel structures that meet the most stringent requirements. But at the same time, we were able to find the best solution to the issue and, thanks to many years of experience in the market, guarantee high-quality turnkey execution.

What are our priorities? High-quality and fast order fulfillment. We give a long-term guarantee for our own metal structures. Please note that each order is individual and our employees are ready to implement the construction of premises from metal structures according to an exclusive project at the highest level. Contact the PMK-1 managers at the phone numbers indicated on the website or by filling out an online application on the website.

We pride ourselves on being able to meet the requirements of our customers so quickly, reliably and with the highest quality. We work with the largest companies in Ukraine and sell both small locker rooms and large-sized objects and metal structures tents at affordable prices.

Specificity of premises made of metal structures

Steel structure technology was developed in Canada back in the 60s. The main reason for this development was the requirement to build a huge number of low-rise residential buildings for the middle class, taking into account environmental requirements. This technology has spread rapidly, reducing the need for timber buildings, which require more costly and labor intensive construction.

Steel construction technology has a number of advantages, in particular:

  • durability and environmental friendliness;
  • high assembly speed on site;
  • easy and simple installation;
  • the possibility of construction in any weather;
  • the absence of heavy equipment both in the construction of additional premises in Kiev inexpensively, as well as shopping malls, industrial hangars;
  • seismic resistance;
  • mobility (dismantling and movement of the structure is possible);
  • low cost per square meter of completed construction;
  • high energy intensity;
  • efficiency and durability;
  • the accuracy of individual geometric details;
  • compactness during transportation;
  • high quality workmanship, etc.

The PMK-1 company offers you a unique construction system for prefabricated buildings, thanks to which you can implement the necessary residential or industrial facility as soon as possible. With the help of this construction system, it is possible to build efficiently, cheaply and quickly. It is equally well suited for outbuildings, superstructures, as well as for larger buildings such as assembly or production halls, hangars, office buildings, large garages, etc.

We build small utility rooms and gas stations, change houses and shopping malls with equal seriousness. Our building system is used for dry construction of prefabricated houses on thin-walled galvanized steel profiles. They are, if necessary, supplemented with mineral insulation, vapor barrier and gypsum fiber cladding to create a building with the required technical characteristics. Each of these materials performs its own function, which optimizes the use of changing rooms, the useful properties of the facility and, as a result, the overall efficiency of construction.

The advantages of prefabricated buildings are obvious:

  • Energy efficiency.
  • Good fire resistance.
  • Strength and stability.
  • Geometric precision.

Warehouse cost

At the same time, the cost of storage facilities or any other industrial facilities is as affordable as possible for customers.

It is also important to note that the energy intensity of buildings is largely related to the ability of the walls to prevent excessive heat transfer from a warm room to a cold outdoor environment. It is generally known that steel conducts heat 430 times better than wood, and even 1500 times better than mineral wool. So how do you achieve such a high thermal resistance of walls with a steel support structure? The solution is to use thin-walled steel profiles with a special system of grooves in the walls. They increase the path of thermal conductivity, which leads to a decrease in the initial value of thermal conductivity from 60 to 8 W / mK, which is only 13% of the initial value. The second parameter that reduces heat transfer is the cross-sectional area of ​​the profile, which in the case of using steel with a thickness of 1.0 mm is only 1.7% of the area.

By contacting our company, you can order the construction of a hangar for a car service, the installation of solar power plants, repairs, finishing work and much more. We also carry out turnkey works, performing not only direct installation of the building, but also ventilation systems, electrical wiring, plumbing systems, heating.

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