A long-known type of hotel that has been known to the international market for decades is modular mini-hotels. In Ukraine, the demand for such buildings arose relatively recently. In fact, we are talking about one of the methods of building construction, in which designers use ready-made “blocks”, connecting them to each other in the right way. If initially this technology made it possible to build hotels of low categories, then the development of technologies led to the fact that some modular hotels receive both 4 and 5 stars according to the international classification of such objects.

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Our services

Our company provides clients with services for the construction of modular hotels of a small format in all regions of the country. Due to the fact that the hotel business is developing more and more every year, the demand for this type of construction is growing significantly.

A service that allows customers to receive a ready-to-use object in a fairly short period of time, which can quickly start generating income, is turnkey modular hotels. The main advantage of this type of construction is the speed of construction, which is about 4 times faster than the construction of classic hotels.

Our company guarantees to provide the client with all the services necessary in the process of building a hotel facility. We are talking about such areas of our activity as:

  • thinking through the concept;
  • project development;
  • approval of documentation;
  • construction site preparation;
  • foundation creation;
  • connecting blocks to each other;
  • laying of all necessary communications;
  • design of the complex;
  • commissioning.

As you have already managed to understand, the construction of modular mini-hotels is one of the quite popular services, the order of which pays off relatively quickly. The cost is determined for each object individually, depending on a number of factors.

The main advantages of modular mini-hotels

It is important that modular houses made of metal structures have numerous advantages, which our customers often pay attention to. This applies to hotels created using such materials. Among the main advantages of these objects, the following can be distinguished:

  • The minimum number of service personnel necessary to ensure the normal functioning of the institution.
  • Fast construction terms, which our team of specialists guarantees to each client.
  • The cost, which is several times lower than classical construction, is really affordable for customers.
  • Minimal expenses for communal services, because the building is built taking into account the climate of Ukraine.
  • The possibility of implementing the project in almost any region of the country without any problems.
  • The minimum number of restrictions related to the appearance of the building, its configuration, etc.

Thus, if you are interested in modular hotels in Kyiv, Lviv or Odesa, our company is ready to provide you with services for their design and construction at low prices.

What does the cost of work depend on?

Our company manufactures metal structures to order using only high-quality materials from proven suppliers. As a result, their cost is quite affordable, and their reliability is as high as possible. In the future, these metal structures are delivered to the construction site, where the building construction process takes place. The price of services is calculated in advance. For this, on the basis of the existing project, our specialists prepare an estimate, which reveals the cost of each process. It may depend on such factors as:

  • region of construction;
  • complexity of work and conditions;
  • the urgency of the task;
  • the number of used blocks;
  • provided type of foundation;
  • building materials used;
  • the need to attract additional equipment;
  • the need to change the project or provide non-core services.

Building a modular hotel is much faster and cheaper than a classic hotel using traditional materials – brick or reinforced concrete.

How to order construction?

If you need the construction of a modular mini-hotel in Ukraine, you need to contact our customer service managers using the contact information provided on the website. It can be either a phone call or email correspondence.

In addition to the construction of a modular mini-hotel, you can order an arched hangar made of corrugated board from us. It may be needed to create an indoor complex on the territory of the hotel. It can be used for both economic and recreational purposes.

We also insulate warehouses and hangars using a number of proven thermal insulation materials. All types of work are guaranteed. If you want more details about it, contact us now!

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