The idea of opening your own car wash or, for example, a car service intrigues many, and all because, according to the latest research, this is a constantly growing and developing business sector that promises good profits. But on the way to the successful development of your own business, many difficulties await. And it’s not only about obtaining permits, purchasing the appropriate equipment, etc. Often the price of building a hangar for a car wash or a service station becomes a stumbling block.

But is it really necessary to pay fabulous money for the construction of a capital building for the auto business and what can be an excellent alternative that allows the client to save their money? How much does it actually cost to build a car wash premises and where to start preparing for the implementation of your business? Let’s talk about this further.

Ангар под автосервис загородом

Manufacture of auto moto hangars

Ideal production warehouses are at the intersection of beauty and functionality. At PMK-1, we are working to maintain this balance and think over projects to the smallest detail. When creating a car wash or service station, not only the needs of the industry are taken into account, but also your personal expectations.

A modern auto moto hangar can be open or semi-open, depending on how many load-bearing walls you want to install. It is suitable for the professional sector (agriculture, livestock, industry) or the private sector (garages, warehouses). However, the structure must meet strict standards and must be built in accordance with local regulations.

We can manufacture custom-made prefabricated structures for the auto business, and experienced professionals will help you choose a model, shape, materials, develop a project, calculate everything to the smallest detail, and take care of the assembly.

Please note, we build car washes adapted for passenger cars, but we can also provide car hangars for vans and trucks. Before concluding a contract, be sure to sit down with the client at the table and discuss the upcoming scope of work:

  • We take into account all individual preferences.
  • We agree on possible adjustments with the architect.
  • We think over the design, size, model and budget.
  • We make sure that the project from A to Z corresponds to the client’s field of activity and reflects his individual needs.
  • We calculate the cost of a car service made of metal structures and, if possible, optimize the price.

An auto moto hangar is mainly a utility room, which should be functional and installed in an accessible place. The hangar can be designed for different uses. When building, you need to take into account your costs and rely on the exact calculations of the general contractor. Thanks to its lightweight prefabricated structure, it can be dismantled and transported to a new location if necessary. Collection and disassembly, as well as the transportation process itself, will not be costly and will not take much time.

The hangar is suitable for many purposes:

  • Agricultural machinery parking.
  • For storage of machinery and industrial equipment. Temporary mobile shelter.
  • Organization of storage space for auto parts.
  • For storing tools and equipment.
  • Repair shop or car wash opening.

Regarding the benefits of modular metal hangars, here are a few points to look out for when in doubt about whether to choose a traditional brick structure or a modular canopy:

  • Lower cost.
  • Such a hangar provides savings on construction of about 30% compared to other technologies.
  • The time saving is about 50%, since this type of hangar is assembled faster and does not require foundation work.
  • Easy transformation. You can “modulate” the hangar as you see fit, as the modular structure can be expanded over time or equipped differently for future needs.
  • Interesting modern design, choice of colors, finishes, the presence or absence of insulation.

Also, the advantage of a metal structure hangar for auto business is that its functionality and purpose may change over time. To, for example, build a hangar for a car service, please contact our specialists and they will help you to realize any of your ideas.

What do you need to know before building a hangar?

Before you start building a hangar for agricultural, industrial or other purposes, you need to determine some important points in advance:

  • What area is planned for your hangar (length, width, height)? An industrial or agricultural shed will be larger than a service station, but the latter will be of a different size and configuration, equipped with additional driveways, etc.
  • What will be the most suitable material depending on the hangar application, its geographic location (climatic data to be taken into account);
  • What type of construction to choose.
  • Hangar shape, openings, etc.
  • What options are available – for example, installing photovoltaic panels on the roof.

If for the development of your business you need farms for hangars, a large space for a service station or a parking lot for technological transport – we are ready to provide our services. We will quickly and inexpensively build a hangar for a car service, car wash, etc. We guarantee quality, functionality and assistance in servicing the facility!

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