Modern tent hangars have a wide range of applications, they can be used as warehouses, production halls, arenas, coverings for sports grounds, etc. No need to build a foundation, just a flat paved area! The advantages of tent-type hangars over their counterparts are explained by the way they are made. It is very simple to build this pavilion-hangar, because thanks to the modular design, the base is very easy and quick to assemble, and after the installation of individual modules, a solid base is mounted on them.

During operation, the hangar can be arbitrarily expanded or shortened by adding or removing individual modules. This advantage is also effectively used when moving or storing a dismantled hangar. These structures are very mobile, they are easy to move from object to object without much labor and resource costs.

Construction of tent hangars

Tent hangars have a basic ribbed modular structure of bearing corrugated aluminum profiles connected by galvanized steel elements. The structure has no internal supports, which allows optimal use of the covered space. Thanks to the modular folding of the frame, it is possible to build hangars of various sizes, as well as systems with spans of various widths.

Today, a tent-roofed metal hangar is the best option for a room with a gable roof and sloping, tapering walls. As a rule, cold aluminum cladding or metal profile sheets are used as finishing.

Attention! In addition to the production of hangars, we are engaged in the manufacture of kiosks in Kiev, trading floors, change houses, etc. If necessary, we will develop an individual design project for a security structure, a garage, a car wash, a gas station.

Hangar bearing structure parts have a service life of at least 30 years. They are distinguished by the following characteristic advantages:

  • durable and wear-resistant;
  • not affected by external factors;
  • resistant to loss of shape and color;
  • their use guarantees a long service life;
  • the cladding of the prefabricated tent hangar belongs to the group of materials with low flammability;
  • color design of the cladding can be selected from current samples;
  • the price for tent hangars in Ukraine is very affordable.

We also offer a wide range of accessories for tent hangars, including floors, lockable entrance doors, ventilation, cornices, connecting passages, lighting and heating systems.

How to make the right choice of a tent hangar

Steel structures are selected according to the type of warehouse. From us you can buy a tent hangar made of high quality base pipes and reliable coating material, which ensures a long service life. With proper care, you don’t have to worry about the repair and decoration of the hangar for several decades.

Hangars of this type can serve as warehouses for storing materials and goods, or used as a garage for equipment. The scope of application of structures is very diverse, and depends on the direction of the company. We offer options for every taste and budget. Feel free to contact our managers and they will help you calculate the construction of a tent hangar, advise on any questions, and help you place an order.

Please note that the production is carried out from high quality European materials. Thanks to this, our hangars can serve for decades and do not require specific maintenance.

Choosing services for the manufacture of metal structures from PMK-1, you give preference to quality, functionality, mobility and financial affordability. Hip-roof hangars can be floor or bunker type, divided by partitions into compartments or form a single plane. The choice depends on the specifics of use, purpose, etc.

In order to make the right choice and not regret the investment, we advise you to pay attention to the following points:

  • The area that the structure should occupy;
  • Base load;
  • Purpose of use;
  • Maximum wind and snow load;
  • Energy efficiency type;
  • The presence or absence of insulation, etc.

You can get more detailed advice by contacting our specialists at the indicated phone numbers or by writing to the e-mail indicated in the Contacts section. Compared to conventional warehouses, tent hangar spaces can have excellent thermal properties at a much lower cost. The goal of technological development in the development of these modular premises is resistance to any climatic conditions, high loads and, above all, saving all construction and operating costs.

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