Design / Visualization

Each of our projects is implemented taking into account all the necessary requirements, standards, specifications and so on.
We together with you will go through all the stages, plan your plan and successfully implement it.

We provide this service as a complex with future construction or repair, or separately. Maybe you want to hang on the wall visualization of your dream home. Why not?

Interior design 

Our designers will create your corporate style, solve the problem of lack of space, take care of coziness, in the smallest detail will think over the ergonomics of the room, will help to intelligently and professionally translate all your wishes in the interior.

We will develop color and light solutions, depending on your preferences, the features of the room and its tasks.

We deal with the design of premises of different types, forms, and functional purpose.


We are engaged in complex landscaping, landscaping, landscaping, installation and maintenance of an automatic irrigation system, small repairs. (So ​​far only on the sites in Kiev and the Kiev region.)

We create a comfortable architecture of the environment, embody the most daring of your projects and dreams with the help of landscape design techniques.
Landscaping is more and more important than just landscaping and gardening.
It is a symbiosis of architecture and living plants, their harmony.
This is the same cup of coffee, which is nice to drink on your site, because everything around is pleasing to the eye.
We will do it that way.

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