Foundations are an integral part of the supporting structures of all types of buildings. Design requires knowledge of the base soil, its physical and mechanical properties and the load response. When designing foundation structures, it is necessary to comprehensively take into account the bearing properties of the building, the type of object itself and the specifics of the soil.

When designing the foundations of buildings and underground structures, we use the results of engineering and geological studies, also taking into account the design of the building and its specifics, operation technology, construction conditions. It is also important to take into account the special conditions for the upcoming foundation:

  • how much built-up area;
  • whether the soils are organic, sedimentary or free-flowing;
  • seismic zones, etc.

Part of the design of structures is the method and depth of laying the foundation, material, protection of structures, improvement of operating conditions, drainage.

Engineering and geological work at the facility

In order to provide customers with the opportunity to order underground storage facilities, we conduct a volumetric and most detailed survey of the site, which depends on the type and size of the proposed construction, as well as on the complexity of the geological and hydrogeological conditions of the area.

A thorough survey of the foundation soil provides data for:

  • site suitability assessments;
  • determination of the properties of the soil base;
  • assessing the impact of groundwater on the foundation;
  • calculating the depth of the foundation and the pouring method;
  • determining the impact of a newly constructed building on existing surrounding facilities.

Geological and hydrogeological studies and the results of these studies are an important basis for the design and implementation of foundation structures, as well as for the choice of the structural system of buildings.

We divide the process into several stages, in particular:

  • exploratory survey;
  • detailed analysis;
  • careful control during construction;
  • final check and commissioning.

As for the project of an underground warehouse, it is important to take into account the slightest nuances. Our task is to determine the stability of the soil, the suitability of the territory as a whole and its suitability for the intended structure. The basis for the preparation of reports is geological maps and the data of the studies performed. During preliminary work, we determine the bearing capacity and the actual level of soil compression under the foundation.

Also, whether it is the construction of an underground warehouse or the construction of a turnkey warm hangar, it is necessary to calculate the bearing capacity and shrinkage of the base. In this case, it is necessary to determine the protection of the foundation structure from aggressive environmental influences, possible landslides, and the presence of groundwater.

A large-scale operational survey is necessary in the case of large-scale construction. It’s one thing when you need to build a small metal structure to order, and quite another when you plan to build a shopping center!

Benefits of cooperation with our company

We manufacture metal structures to order of any level of complexity. According to the drawing documentation, we can produce administrative and warehouse premises, make almost anything. PMK-1 cooperates with a number of companies, for which it develops individual prototypes. Our experts will be happy to advise you on the price of warehouse space, terms of cooperation, warranty obligations, etc.

  • Our undeniable advantages over the years of successful work in the market:
  • We have extensive experience in the production of metal structures.
  • Nothing is impossible, we can produce almost everything.
  • Our specialists are distinguished by a high level of skill.
  • We use only modern, high-precision equipment for production and assembly.
  • We maintain confidentiality during the development of the object.
  • Each project can be selected from a ready-made catalog or developed according to your requirements.
  • We rely on an individual approach to clients.
  • We implement all types of work – from design to welding for the manufacture of metal structures.
  • We try at any cost to meet your needs with minimal costs.
  • We do not interfere with the specified deadlines for completion of work.
  • We are constantly learning and implementing new technologies for further modernization of the production process.

          At the same time, we guarantee that the cost of warehouse space in Ukraine is kept at the same level, without frightening customers with large price jumps. We carry out production based on the technical data of the customer, or we can design the solution ourselves and prepare all the necessary documentation for you. For this we have our own design department. With regard to the further use of metal structures, we can provide you with other services, such as additional surface treatment (hot-dip galvanizing, painting, powder coating or painting), laser cutting, insulation, etc. On the contact page you can find all the information you need about the location of our head office, as well as phone numbers and email address. Professional managers will help answer all your questions and provide all the necessary information upon request.

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