The use of modular structures is an ideal solution for quick installation of hangars with high resistance to external factors, which are very common in industry, agriculture, sports sector (indoor tennis courts, basketball courts, five-a-side football fields, horse riding facilities).

Steel structures have countless advantages over other forms of construction. Here are the main reasons for choosing them:

  • an excellent ratio of strength and volume, which makes pre-fabricated lightweight metal structures much more practical and economical than structures built from other materials);
  • a wide range of possible applications;
  • the presence of many standardized parts;
  • reliability and ability to form almost any architectural solution.

At PMK-1, we believe that the construction sector should lead to a new model of energy efficient eco-construction in sustainable development with a clear focus on the end user.

To achieve these goals, more sustainable materials are used, such as durable, recyclable and reusable steel. At a time when the modern construction market is ready to offer almost any solution for the assembly of modular prefabricated structures, it is necessary to give preference to the most practical options that are affordable and of high quality.

We guarantee an individual approach to the construction of modular sports facilities and not only, and are also ready to offer the most favorable conditions for cooperation.

The specifics of the development of sports facilities

The main requirement for the development of standards for the construction of facilities for holding sports competitions will be compliance with the parameters of proper sports activity in the relevant sports sectors, as well as efficiency and effectiveness of work, flexibility of use and versatility.

Requirements for the development of standards will be established so that these sports facilities provide quality conditions for sports at a recreational and competitive level and, possibly, serve as a venue for recreational activities (social or cultural competitions of regional significance), and at the same time that their operation was as profitable as possible.

When preparing a plan for the construction of indoor sports facilities in Kiev, the main focus will be on:

  • multifunctionality;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • efficiency;
  • optimization of operating costs;
  • long-term maintenance of the internal equipment of the sports infrastructure in good condition.

For the production of flat sports facilities, we use high-quality, durable materials that are easy to maintain and can be replaced in case of damage.

Extremely environmentally friendly solutions are provided that often require a higher initial investment but lower operating costs down the road.

Advantages of prefabricated structures for sporting events

In order for you to have no doubts when choosing, we have collected the main advantages of sports facilities:

  • High strength with low weight. This allows it to withstand heavy loads and resist external factors.
  • Uniformity. The properties of steel do not change significantly over time, as in the case of reinforced concrete structures.
  • Durability. When properly maintained, steel structures will last as long as possible.
  • Plastic. This property of the material allows it to withstand large deformations without collapsing at high stresses.
  • Maximum usable area of sports facilities.

Other important advantages of metal structures include the ease of connecting different elements using different types of connectors, the ability to pre-fabricate structural elements, and the speed of assembly. It is also important to note the possibility of re-using the hangar after dismantling.

Attention! You can order large-span structures of sports facilities from us at an affordable cost and count on support at all stages of production.

The metal structure can be prepared for assembly in the workshop, which means that installation requires a minimum of steps. Since prefabricated sports structures are usually lighter than similar objects made of other materials, they have a lower base cost.

We are engaged in both the construction of insulated hangars and the construction of cold industrial warehouses and service stations. For more information, please contact the managers of our site at the specified phone numbers. We are ready to answer any questions you are interested in and help with the choice.

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