A small complex, the premises of which consist of blocks, which allows you to build such objects as quickly, easily and cheaply as possible – this is a modular construction site. Our company provides clients with construction services of similar buildings in all regions of Ukraine. Before taking advantage of this opportunity, it is worth paying attention to the main advantages of modular towns, the formation of the cost of their construction and some other factors that are really important for customers.

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The main advantages of modular towns

Modern turnkey construction of modular residential towns in Kyiv is in significant demand due to a number of its advantages. Among them, our clients primarily note the following:

The possibility of accelerated transportation of blocks by freight vehicles – directly from the factory to the construction site.

  • Ease of construction, which does not require the use of a large foundation. This applies even if the finished object is multi-storey. At the same time, it is worth understanding that the type of base is selected primarily on the basis of the type of soil present at the site of construction.
  • Fast assembly speed due to the homogeneity of all elements in this process. We guarantee compliance with all terms stipulated in the signed contract with the client.
  • Taking into account all legislative norms related to fire and sanitary safety. All modular structures can additionally be equipped with ventilation, heating, plumbing and electrical systems according to the project.
  • Possibility of quick repairs if necessary. If you ever need to replace an item, you can easily do it at a very affordable price.
  • Durability of operation. Prefab constructions are blocks that can be used for more than one year. If necessary, some of them can even be moved to another location and installed on a new foundation.
  • Cheaper construction compared to the construction of complexes by traditional methods using bricks and reinforced concrete.

Based on this, it can be noted that modular residential towns are really convenient structures that are currently very popular. If you need their summary, we are ready to provide such services at any time.

Field of application

Today, the price of modular towns is quite affordable for most of our customers, so they are often used in cases where it is necessary to provide normal living conditions for a whole group of people in a short period of time. Initially, such buildings were used exclusively for domestic and economic purposes. They stored inventory, used as warehouses, etc.

With the development of technologies, the scope of application of the complexes in question has expanded significantly. Currently, block-modular military towns, in which the military can be housed, are popular. For soldiers in such complexes, all the necessary living conditions are created with the provision of various types of amenities.

There is also a demand for modular cities for immigrants. Numerous people lost their homes as a result of military operations and were forced to flee to other regions. The possibility of connecting to the block complexes of communications allowed the displaced people to temporarily find housing with very decent conditions for living in it.

What does the cost of construction depend on?

Building a block town or an arched hangar is a quick process, the cost of which depends on a number of factors. Among them, our designers and engineers single out the following:

  • the need for project development;
  • the need for communications;
  • conditions and region of construction of the complex;
  • number of block elements;
  • types of metal structures used;
  • the complexity of the project and the need to implement non-standard solutions;
  • the urgency of the task, etc.

It is also worth noting that our experts pre-compose a work estimate for each object. Thus, the customer can be familiarized with the price, which does not change until the building is put into operation (provided that the project is not adjusted as a result).

How to order work?

If you need a block town made of metal structures, you can contact us for help at any time. To do this, you need to use the contacts indicated on the website, such as:

  • mobile phone number;
  • email address.

After discussing all the details, an official contract is signed with the clients, in which the basic rights and obligations of each party are revealed. Further cooperation is carried out from it.

We also provide customers with insulation of hangars from corrugated board and other types of construction work that may be needed in a number of cases. There must be a corresponding guarantee.

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