Modular quick-build solutions are extremely relevant today for many real estate agencies in our country. Thanks to the possibilities offered by prefabricated modules, it is possible to perfectly adapt the structure of the object to the commercial office of the real estate according to the standards of comfort, safety, and accessibility.

Modern modular office buildings presented by PMK-1 are an ideal solution for providing space for growing companies that need to add work areas, while maintaining their productivity and reputation in the market. That is why our sales offices for real estate agencies are the most logical solution. They are distinguished by the most correct, well-thought-out structure and allow companies to expand their scope of activity, informing potential customers about services much better than in a traditional office. Adding new benefits of modular architecture allows mobile sales teams to become as efficient as possible with minimal construction costs.

  • модульний офіс приклад

The main purpose of modular offices

Prefab modular offices that we provide to our clients are designed for temporary, long-term and even permanent use due to the fact that they are adaptable structures of the highest quality, distinguished by safety and the highest comfort in their industry.

WARNING! You can order the construction of various metal structures, hangar washing, sports facilities, hangars, kiosks, etc. from us.

In addition, modular office buildings are easily adapted to the various needs of customers, because they require a minimum of time to install or add new modules to an already finished project (both on the sides and on the upper levels, if the customer needs to add new offices, observation rooms, toilets or other premises). And all this with maximum comfort for users.

Please note that the price of modular offices today is as affordable as possible, and the design possibilities are practically limitless. In addition to these words, you can see drawings of some possible office options that we offer when choosing modular structures for real estate agencies. These modular offices are objects made of materials that have proven their reliability and have a high versatility of interior and exterior finishing. Because our main goal is to present the client with a product that fully meets his needs and exceeds his expectations.

Advantages of applying to PMK-1

Among other things, PMK-1 demonstrates its commitment to care and respect for the environment by building its prefab offices from environmentally friendly, recyclable materials. Thus, all prefab modular offices are cost-optimized.

At PMK-1, we make every effort to meet the needs of our customers, adapting to their requests and recommending the best type of module for each specific case. Therefore, as part of an integrated workflow, we make sure that from the moment the customer crosses the threshold of our office until we finish installing the modular sales office made of sandwich panels in the agreed location, the collaboration takes place at the highest level!

The advantages of applying to PMK-1 include:

  1. A wide range of services (production of kiosks, pavilions, shopping centres, etc.).
  2. High-quality and timely provision of services. We will complete the entire process within a few weeks so that the real estate agency can use their new prefab offices as soon as possible.
  3. Being a portable office, retail outlets must meet standards of comfort and convenience, as well as adapt to the physical and temporal needs of the project. In this sense, our modular architecture opens up great opportunities for the real estate sector.
  4. Efficiency. The materials meet the requirements of heat, sound insulation and energy efficiency. Plus, ready-made modules provide a variety of processing for each project.
  5. The cheapest price. Low prices and full control over the production process with less risk and higher quality.
  6. A comprehensive approach. Consultations, design, transportation, and installation – we take care of all stages, adapting the approach to the specifications of each project.

The promotion of new housing or the search for space to offer services for the sale or rental of real estate is the reason why in this sector it is necessary to install offices quickly and easily, providing the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. Modern modular offices mean high quality, comfort, and an affordable price.

All of our retail outlets for real estate agencies offer the possibility of individual interior and exterior decoration, with different types of floor coverings, exterior cladding with sandwich panels and exterior LED lighting. At PMK-1, we are distinguished by the fact that we offer a high degree of individualization of decoration for all our projects, therefore, in the catalogue of buildings there is also a selection of various materials for the design of facades, cladding, design of partitions, floors and suspended ceilings.

To meet other retail requirements as well, our services can be accompanied by air conditioning, as well as the integration of access systems, fencing, etc. Contact our specialists for more detailed information and find out about all the questions that interest you.

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