Metal structures

Manufacturing of metal structures is the main activity of our company in the Ukrainian market for 27 years.
And as you know, we know everything about them and even more.

We provide a full range of services for manufacturing metal structures: design, installation and dismantling. Including warranty and post-warranty maintenance of construction sites.

The Company’s capabilities include the production of:
– skeletons;
– farms;
– supports;
– columns;
– overlapping;
– beams;
– pile skeletons;
– stairs;
– arched farms;
– embedded parts;
– decking;
– visors;
– greenhouses;
– canopies;
– gate and so on.

Metalware of our production is divided into types according to the following parameters:
1. Production technology
2. On the field of application
3. By configuration
4. By size

Advantage of metal structures:
– serial production;
– installation can be performed in large blocks;
– ease of installation and dismantling;
– convenience of transportation;
– reliability and long service life.

Metal structures in the classical sense are divided into:

1. Metal structures used in the construction of high-rise buildings (pillars, television towers and others)

2. For the construction of structures with large spans and building slabs, continuous structures of sheet metal

3. Products for frame structures (panels, gates, columns, beams and others;)

4. Constructions with solid walls

5. Structures for maintenance of buildings and structures (stairs, fences, platforms, etc.)

Technical capabilities of our production allow us to realize any projects, including non-standard and complex ones. Especially non-standard and complex.

The cost of manufacturing is formed on the basis of the chosen appearance (design) of the structure, interior and exterior decorative materials.

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The company manufactures and installs hangars of any complexity, configuration, and internal equipment.

Hangar, as a multifunctional type of buildings that does not require massive foundations, has the necessary margin of safety and is resistant to environmental influences.

Their importance for the national economy is enormous. The scale of their use can not be overestimated. We will build for you a hangar of any type and function.

The hangars produced by us are divided into an arched and rectangular type.

They can be used for their intended purpose as:

– industrial premises;
– warehouses and warehouses;
– garages for engineering;
– car-care centers;
– car washes;
– office rooms;
– granaries;
– vegetable stores;
– temporary shelters;
– premises for processing and processing of agricultural products.

The cycle of production and installation takes place in several stages:
– leveling of the site for construction, foundation of the foundation;
– production and installation of the main structural elements of metal structures;
– sheathing, insulation.

In the external finish we use galvanized steel, coated with a polymer coating of any color. When building buildings where there is an aggressive environment, we use steel with an aluminum zinc coating.

Thanks to the use of elements made of galvanized cold-rolled steel, our hangars have a long service life.

We provide a full range of construction and installation services – from the design of the building to commissioning it. All construction work is done by professionals, with the obligatory application of the latest technologies, using modern means of production.

So, the main reasons to contact us:
1. We promptly calculate the cost of the construction object of interest to you.
2. Our experts go to the site to assess the degree of complexity of work and the scale of construction.
3. We prepare the project documentation.
4. We guarantee high-quality and timely performance of works
5. We provide warranty and post-warranty maintenance of construction sites.
6. We have been present on the market for more than 20 years.


Warehouses and storage rooms for storage of products.

The availability and operation of a good warehouse largely depends on the success of your business, especially the agrarian.

A modern warehouse is a guarantee that your products will be stored in excellent conditions.
We will produce for you such a warehouse, which, in the future will become an indispensable assistant, will serve for many years.

Warehouses are a metal frame lined with a profiled galvanized sheet.

By technology, the warehouses we produce are:

– arched (the frame is made of metal arc-shaped arches, which are joined together by transverse metal bonds);

– straight-walled (metal with straight vertical walls), cold (sheathed with profiled sheet) and insulated (profiled sheet with insulation).

When building a warehouse, the frame is made of profile pipes, beams and channel bars of the design section.
There may be gates (swinging, rolling or rolling), doors, light windows.
The structure is installed on a previously prepared base.
Internal planning is provided for the needs of a particular business.

Trust us and you will get a first-class product.

The cost of the product is determined by the floor area, the height of the wall, the presence and type of insulation of walls and roof, the number and size of the doors and windows.

To find out the exact cost of your warehouse, dial our phone number, or leave it in the feedback box


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