Before seasonal use of a boat or boat, these vehicles should be carefully inspected and, if necessary, repaired. And then the question arises about where these events are held, in what place do the courts wait out autumn and winter, avoiding the negative impact of weather conditions?

So that the ships are in complete safety, special slipways for boats are built for them – special hangar-type premises, which can be both private and public. They serve and seasonally store watercraft. These boathouses are equipped with everything you need and are suitable for both expensive yachts and boats, as well as more budget water transport. As for the design features of the boathouses, they are distinguished by high functionality, reliability, and a long service life.

To order boat hangars in Ukraine at a good price, you can contact the managers of our company. PMK-1 offers not only the construction of metal structures, but also the installation of specialized objects such as garages for water transport.

Important points to consider when storing boats

When storing boats, the importance of this operation is determined by the need to ensure the flawless operation of the vehicle. For most yachtsmen, there comes a time every year when it becomes necessary to postpone boat trips, excursions, cruises and regattas for the next year. And with the onset of the new season, it is again necessary to think about storage and a lot of work that will need to be done in order to maximize the life of the boat.

In no case should storage be viewed as a quick operation that can be carried out at the very last moment. In fact, even with regard to boat maintenance, the motto that is so beloved by dentists applies: “prevention is better than cure”. This means that the higher the level of preventive measures, the less breakdowns will await you in the coming season. So, yes, storing a boat requires a significant investment of time, effort and energy, but it is necessary in order to avoid much higher costs and headaches. when you want to launch it again.

In fact, taking care of boat storage starts with moving it to a safe and quiet boat storage hangar. There it will be possible to check the boat’s driving performance, steering, apply an anti-corrosion coating.

Proper boat storage to prevent damage

First of all, as soon as the water riding season ends, you need to think about ordering a garage for a boat in Kiev. If there is an opportunity to build your own boathouse for your water transport, that’s great. Next, you need to take care of the transportation and start cleaning the outer part. At this point, all the necessary accessories should be at hand: sponges, mops, detergents.

Once traces of sand and salt, as well as algae and limestone, have been removed, it will be easy to identify any damage and areas requiring intervention, both in the case of fiberglass and in the case of wood. Depending on the base material, the appropriate repair kits or different suitable epoxy resins must be used.

Commercial benefits of building boathouses

It is important to note that the construction of slipways for boats can be on water and on land. It all depends on the type of the planned structure, the space occupied, the method of loading the water transport, etc.

Our company offers you the development of a personal design project that will fully meet the stated requirements and help save your budget. Please note that we specialize in the installation of arched metal structures, but at the same time we implement the construction of specialized structures, such as parking lots for water transport, gas stations, garages, boxes, etc.

Clients who have already appreciated the company’s merits include the following advantages of cooperation with PMK-1:

  • affordable prices for the services offered;
  • an integrated approach to construction;
  • provision of turnkey construction services;
  • support at all stages of cooperation;
  • reliability and practicality of finished objects;
  • profitability and maximum reduction of production costs.

And this is not all the advantages! We can quickly build a turnkey yacht garage for both individuals and commercial purposes. Indoors or outdoors, during the winter holidays, the boat must be reliably protected and we are ready to provide you with this opportunity. Many users prefer to simply use boat covers, but storing water vehicles in a dedicated garage is much more efficient. Boathouses allow you to protect the boat from rain and other bad weather, they are ideal for both sea and river transport.

Be sure to remember that winter storage of boats and boats is an annual operation, which can sometimes be tedious, but nevertheless, it is urgently needed for quality service and maintenance of the vehicle.

Contact us, we are ready to advise you on any question of interest. We offer to calculate the cost of a warehouse made of metal structures, to think over to the smallest detail the price for arranging a hangar and help to reduce the total cost as much as possible.

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