Today, the construction of insulated hangars is gaining more and more popularity, and there is a logical explanation for this! This modular steel structure, which can be quickly assembled and, if necessary, dismantled and transported to another location, will fully satisfy the needs of customers. The insulated panels used to assemble the hangar roof are of optimal thickness and are made of galvanized, pre-painted and embossed steel sheet. The insulation, as a rule, is polyurethane foam, which insulates the panel, making it heat and sound absorbing.

Such an insulated hangar is somewhat more expensive in price, but at the same time the scope of its application expands several times. It can be used not only in industry, construction, and various fields of agriculture. Its optimized design offers a wider application solution. In particular, the insulated metal structure can be used as:

  • storage facilities for various fertilizers and feeds requiring a certain temperature regime;
  • storage of grain, hay;
  • cattle corrals;
  • a garage for the repair of agricultural machinery;
  • warehouse for products;
  • object of loading and unloading construction works;
  • storage of seasonal agricultural equipment, etc.

The activity of our company PMK-1 is the result of almost 30 years of experience acquired by a Ukrainian manufacturer working in the field of construction and installation of metal structures. For 27 years, having completed hundreds of different orders in different parts of the country, we have become the Krajina leader in this manufacturing industry.

We refer to our strengths:

  • standardized solutions suitable for any activity;
  • the possibility of warming hangars in Ukraine;
  • high-quality production that meets international standards;
  • quick installation;
  • the possibility of disassembling, moving or expanding the object;
  • constant support of our clients and assistance in service.

The insulated arched hangar produced by us meets all the requirements for this type of structure: durable, high-quality, economical, made according to individual measurements.

Design and installation of insulated hangars

It does not matter at all whether you want to buy a 250 m2 insulated hangar, or you need an object of a much larger area. We are ready to provide you with our services on the most favorable terms and make sure that each stage of production and installation is performed at the highest level.

The step-by-step stages of the implementation of your order after clarifying all the technical data, looks like this:

  • Development of an individual design, taking into account the dimensions of the finished structure and other specifications.
  • Production of the base for modular metal structures.
  • Shipment of materials and delivery to the site.
  • Preparation of the site for installation work, arrangement of the foundation.
  • Directly installation.
  • Checking the technical condition.
  • Delivery of the object to the customer.

We also guarantee fast and professional assistance, prompt advice if additional questions arise during operation, the ability to order repairs and finishing of the object.

Please note that installation in this case is a fundamental stage that should be performed by those who are fully versed in modular metal structures. Our proven team of technicians and fitters guarantees high quality during transport and assembly. The vast experience of the workers involved in the assembly of structures, our own fleet of equipment, as well as the constant improvement of knowledge related to the design and new rules for commissioning the facility, guarantee the highest quality of service.

Why PMC-1

Experience and attention to detail allow us to create durable and safe metal structures and coatings for outdoor use, designed using the most modern materials. Thanks to the choice of turnkey services, each design stage is accompanied by our best managers.

Safety for all types of exterior cladding and for the structural support itself is guaranteed by rigorous tests and safety checks, which confirm that each product complies with current regulations.

Despite the high quality of materials used and a high degree of engineering that effectively reduces maintenance costs, we believe that routine inspection can extend the life of any industrial facility.

We also hasten to note that in addition to the construction of hangars, we can perform a turnkey car wash, build a service station and even a shopping center. Contact us and we will do our best so that you can work peacefully without unnecessary worries and headaches.

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