From time immemorial, steel has been inextricably linked with the construction of gyms and hangars, be it hockey fields, football stadiums, tennis or swimming halls. This type of construction has almost always been based on a prefabricated steel structure that has no size restrictions, suitable for absolutely every sports facility, be it a small gym or a football stadium with 10,000 spectators.

Each project has its own specifics, and the more original the solution, the more difficult the task for the designer and executors is to implement an intricate idea. We propose to build sports hangars both according to traditional schemes and original design projects. The choice is always yours!

It so happened that in the process of building gyms, the emphasis is on the following components:

  • quality and functionality;
  • design flexibility;
  • competent internal layout of the premises;
  • cost-effectiveness of each specific solution;
  • competent heat and sound insulation;
  • on design and functionality.

In the last decade, attention has been focused on the energy efficiency of sports facilities and the possibility of working with renewable energy sources. We sell sports hangars at an affordable price, and we also guarantee the optimization of production costs and a reduction in the total cost of the structure.

Simplicity and speed of construction of premises for sports equipment

While these properties are often less demanding in terms of aesthetics and functionality, they also need to pay due attention to ways to reduce construction time. We provide the construction of sports buildings and facilities in the shortest possible time, while guaranteeing the high quality of work and compliance with applicable standards.

With regard to the most important elements of pre-fabricated sports facilities is the optimization of visibility. This means that there should be as few structural elements as possible that could block the viewer’s view (ideally, none at all). In recent years, the need for halls without internal columns has become a real problem for developers, but thanks to modern technology, it has still been possible to fully satisfy the wishes of football fans and build the perfect room without elements obstructing the view.

Attention! We not only mount hangars of any size, but also sell metal structures for non-residential premises and sports equipment. Thanks to this solution, you can not worry about additional spending on the construction of auxiliary facilities. Contact PMK-1 and we will help you choose the appropriate design project.

As for the advantages of building prefabricated structures from PMK-1, it is worth highlighting:

  • competent arrangement of internal and external space;
  • the possibility of relatively simple assembly and disassembly of individual elements or the whole structure;
  • taking into account the special requirements for the premises depending on the sport (rugby, tennis, football, baseball, etc.);
  • affordable cost of work;
  • creation of premises of the required size, which are being built in a short time;
  • extremely long service life with simple basic maintenance.

Benefits of sports facilities

Prefabricated gyms were originally designed in such a way that no major repairs are required during the entire service life. Of course, there are parts of structures that are subjected to different loads depending on the purpose for which the given object was designed, but this is not so essential. For example, in swimming pools, some parts of the steel structure are at a higher risk of corrosion, so these parts are treated with anti-corrosion coatings and special treatments that significantly extend the service life.

We provide all types of production work, from the development of a design project to the installation of metal structures. We will produce both pavilions for trade and bus stops, change houses, garages, warehouses in Ukraine and much more.

Steel buildings are the easiest to modify, plus other advantages are short construction times and lower costs. At a time when you need to rebuild or expand an object to adapt it to new needs, this will not be a problem. Elements of metal structures are connected by welds, rivets and screws, and the walls of such buildings can be cold or insulated.

Our company offers comprehensive services in the field of construction and design of buildings from metal structures:

  • We will provide all the documentation necessary for the successful implementation of the project.
  • We will take care of the installation of the foundation required for the fastening of the steel structure.
  • We will carry out the assembly of the frame, cladding, insulation.
  • You do not have to communicate with several suppliers, we are ready to complete the work on a turnkey basis.

It doesn’t matter at all whether you need hangars made of sandwich panels or premises for sports equipment – we are ready to provide our services.

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