Warehouse and logistics facilities together with production halls are among the most popular buildings. They can be used for both seasonal and permanent storage of food, agricultural products, industrial equipment parking, etc.

However, depending on the purpose of use, the size and location of indoor storage facilities in Kiev vary significantly. For example, many investors emphasize the advantages of the absence of any partitions inside the warehouse, which allows them to conveniently locate equipment and machinery, and move inside the premises. Others, on the contrary, prefer sectional division of the warehouse for a more functional use of the internal space.

Investing in the future

Investing in a closed warehouse is a financially viable solution. Our company is the right partner for this investment thanks to its many years of experience. Over the course of decades, we have built hundreds of properties for customers from different parts of the country and acquired a wide client base.

Among the main advantages of cooperation, it is worth highlighting:

  • fast preparation of the project;
  • support at all stages of production;
  • professional approach, availability of all accompanying documentation;
  • prompt delivery and assembly;
  • the possibility of dismantling and transporting a mobile structure to a new location;
  • affordable price of storage facilities.

With regard to the gradual growth and development of your business, with our help you will be able to prepare the warehouse for future expansion or even retraining. The unique prefabricated building system is an excellent solution that can be adapted to different customer requirements and conditions. Today you need a warehouse for agricultural machinery, and tomorrow it will need to be converted into a granary – and this is not a problem at all!

When designing the internal and external space of a warehouse, various situations can arise that change the distribution of spaces:

  • Implementation of new warehouses.
  • Expansion of existing ones.
  • Reorganization of those in operation.

The latter scenario excludes particularly complex decisions that can affect business development in the medium and long term. However, regardless of each specific situation, we propose to design the best use of space, ease of access to stored goods, etc.

Another advantage of the construction of warehouses by our specialists is the development of a unique frame structure. It does not have internal partitions, so inside you get a large area that can be adapted to the specifics of various storage systems. For customers we offer both insulated hangars, the price of which is very affordable, and non-insulated objects, the cost of which is even lower than the previous option due to the lack of the use of insulating materials …

Our roof and wall system is extremely tight, and its parameters contribute to internal thermal comfort and savings on heating costs during the cold season. In addition, the warehouses look presentable both from the inside and from the outside, because the finishing hides most of the structural elements.

Possible types of storage facilities are, for example:

  • logistics and forwarding centers;
  • engineering and agricultural storage facilities;
  • food warehouses;
  • refrigerated warehouses and others.

Depending on what type and layout of the warehouse you need, we will help you choose an individual project, correctly distribute the usable space and put everything into practice.

Why do most people choose PMK-1

You need to build an industrial warehouse, but you do not know if you can fully use the new building in the future? You need a quick production of metal structures for warehouses, but you do not know how you can meet in such a short time? We are ready to help!

Prefabricated storage rooms are the ideal solution for many applications. The basis is made up of a collapsible steel structure, on which a special cladding from the best European manufacturer is laid. The minimum service life of such an object is three decades, but this is far from the limit!

We guarantee quick installation of the structure in a matter of weeks and easy dismantling in case of need to vacate the site or move the object to another location. Prefabricated warehouses do not need a foundation – they can be built on a solid and stable foundation. In this case, a building permit is not required.

They turn to us to build prefabricated arched hangars and small-sized kiosks, gas station stations and self-service car washes, sports facilities and residential buildings. Due to the wide scale of activities, extensive staff and the availability of the necessary base for the production of metal structures, we can guarantee our customers the highest level of service and the best bottom line. At the same time, the price for the construction of warehouses from metal structures is very affordable and is many times lower than the cost of the construction of capital buildings from bricks.

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