Today, for a business to flourish and be as competitive as possible, it is necessary to minimize the cost of building industrial storage facilities. It is important to estimate the payback time of the investment and choose a project where this period will be as short as possible. Considering these aspects, in most cases the solution with the best ratio of costs and return on construction will be chosen so that the customer can immediately finance the selected solution.

We provide services in the field of construction of buildings, warehouses, halls for administrative, industrial and sports purposes. We expand existing production facilities and build new modern complexes for warehouses and not only, we erect buildings from metal structures and offer the most favorable prices for cooperation.

Fast and economical construction is the main credo of our company, as well as:

  • high usefulness of structures;
  • variable use of internal space;
  • modern and personable appearance;
  • affordable cost for most customers.

To find out in more detail about the cost of building warehouse premises in Kiev, please contact the managers of our company at the phone numbers indicated on the website or leave your request by e-mail. We will contact you as soon as possible to clarify all your questions.

Choosing the optimal solution for each client

Building technology alone is usually not enough to meet the needs of different clients. The client leaves us informed and instructed about the need for efficient use of the premises and we offer full design, installation and construction of the proposed systems, warehouse buildings, sorting shops, etc. Our projects meet all the necessary standards.

If you are interested in inexpensive warehouse construction, we hasten to inform you that prefabricated metal structures are cost-effective solutions that differ in the following advantages:

  • faster construction;
  • modern design;
  • lower purchase costs compared to brick structures;
  • wide range of uses;
  • great variability of interior space, etc.

For warehouse and industrial use, crane runways, powerful air conditioning and lighting systems are easily installed on steel supporting structures. For sporting purposes such as halls for badminton, tennis or football, special floor systems, spectator stands and built-in bathrooms can be installed. But in this case, a warmed arched hangar is more suitable, which has good thermal insulation properties and allows you to save on heating a huge room in the cold season.

Modern prefabricated warehouses are characterized by a timeless appearance and first-class modern construction using state-of-the-art technology. This allows you to obtain high-quality thermal insulation of buildings and aesthetic cladding in a wide range of shapes and colors.

The most popular we sell prefabricated halls:

  • administrative purposes;
  • storage place for agricultural equipment;
  • storage of crops;
  • industry and manufacturing;
  • gyms, etc.

In addition to material construction warehouses, we also realize the construction of office buildings from prefabricated steel structures. Thanks to this, the turnkey administrative rooms have enough space for offices, meeting rooms and representative premises.

Individual warehouse planning

Based on the criteria of individual planning, the adequacy of the decision made depends on the variety of references, the number of pallets or containers used for products, as well as the time during which the goods will remain in the warehouse. Most often, customers are encouraged to use for zoning internal space:

  • Static pallet racks on mobile bases. Ideal solution for goods with multiple references with reduced number of pallets for each product.
  • Intensive storage systems. Ideal when the number of pallets for each product is large. If the goods will stand still for a long time, you should install special racks for entry.
  • Tailor-made solutions: Needed for goods transported in containers, for products stacked in bulk. This decision is also valid in the case of non-standard products or products with special characteristics.

During the construction of these technical objects, great attention is also paid to the appearance. The cladding can be complemented with a variety of modern elements that give the warehouse a presentable and timeless appearance. If you want to know the approximate prices for material warehouses – contact our managers and they will help you know everything you need about fast and economical turnkey construction, which is distinguished by a representative appearance.

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