Summer Terraces

We erect summer terraces (decking, located on a specially prepared basement) and verandas for restaurants and cafes. Functional, beautiful, fast, and very relevant in the summer.

A great alternative to a closed room in the summer.

In our arsenal:
– walled terraces (one-sided);
– summer outdoor terraces;
– Insulated covered terraces (allow to extend the season for a longer period).

If necessary or desired, we will install awnings (demountable structures that are used to protect terraces from sunlight and rain, which consist of a fabric canopy, a folding system, automatic or manual folding mechanism).

Terraces can be fenced and open, depending on the customer’s wishes, location, and other factors.

The sizes of the structures are calculated on the basis of the customer’s wishes, the features of the client’s business, and the place where they will be located.

This, and other details, should be discussed in advance by dialing our phone number, or leaving your (click on the green tube in the lower right corner).
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Shopping Rows

Shopping rows are successively located near each other trading modules (separate rooms) of various configurations, which can be joined together by an open gallery.

There are seasonal and year-round, depending on the purpose and your needs.

Are made on standard projects and taking into account individual needs of the customer.
The dimensions of the structures are calculated on the basis of the customer’s wishes.

Shopping rows can be executed in several variants:
– The trading range can be a set of identical kiosks standing next to each other (in the rooms separate walls, autonomous internal and external structure);
– Trading rows can be erected in the form of a single structure, which is united by one skeleton of metal structures.

Each kind has its own characteristics, the final choice is always made by the customer.

For exterior wall finishing, we use a wall-shaped profiled sheet with a polymer coating or cassettes of composite panels. But! These are all the details that are worth discussing privately.
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