On the Ukrainian market, there is a wide selection of buildings made of metal structures – from classic industrial facilities to modern private houses and garages. It is a great alternative to brick buildings, which are more expensive and resource intensive to build.

Very often, buildings made of metal structures are used for the construction of sports facilities, storage of equipment and as premises for coaches. How are steel structures different from others? What are their characteristic advantages and disadvantages? Is it worth investing in such a construction and how long does it take to pay off? We will talk about this further …

Benefits of erecting premises for the coaching staff

Although steel structures appear more and more often, the number of companies that deal with this construction system is still relatively small. It is for this reason that we offer our services, and we urge you to familiarize yourself with the catalog of finished objects and the production of frameless hangars sold by PMK-1.

Today, steel construction is still a relatively rare term as the basis of construction, especially when it comes to using it for the construction of houses and outbuildings. This system, before the start of widespread use in Ukraine, was popular in the following countries:

  • USA;
  • Australia;
  • Canada;
  • UK
  • Germany.

In the United States, for example, steel-framed sports facilities have become widely known due to the rise in wood prices caused by legislation aimed at enhancing environmental protection. What is the essence of objects based on a steel structure, and most importantly – is it worth it compared to the conventional technology of erecting brick buildings?

The core of a classic brick house is made up of traditional brick foundations. In the case of timber structures, the base of the entire structure is a structure based on a timber frame. The frame of the pre-fabricated building consists of a steel frame with anti-corrosion treatment and thin-walled galvanized profiles, on which the inner shell is mounted. The building can be insulated, which will provide reliable protection against the influence of external factors and will significantly save on heating.

The steel structure can be filled with two layers of separating felt (heat and sound insulating material). These layers are separated by a small air gap. A vapor-tight film can also be inserted between the metal structure and the thermal insulation, preventing the penetration of humid air into the room.

We sell sports buildings and facilities in Kiev at the most affordable prices, as well as auxiliary buildings and premises for the coaching staff. We ensure the full compliance of the facility with the expectations and requirements of the customer, we will perform turnkey work and assume warranty obligations after the facility is put into operation.

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Energy efficiency of the premises for the coaching staff

Finance plays a critical role in the construction of modern sports facilities. The investment costs for the construction of a facility with a steel structure are much lower than for the construction of a classic brick building, and in the future it will become clearly more profitable, not only in terms of heating costs …

The thinner walls allow more indoor space without increasing investment costs. Standard design provides higher resistance to heat transfer. And due to the fact that these premises are mainly built according to a low-energy or passive standard, the cost of heating is significantly reduced.

Attention! We also manufacture bus stops, change houses, garages, car washes, security structures and other necessary facilities that require a reduction in production costs!

Based on the energy indicators (especially the specific heat consumption for heating), it is possible to build a sports facility with a steel structure in several versions. It can be:

  • so-called energy efficient facilities with a consumption of 50–70 kWh / m2;
  • well insulated structures with a controlled ventilation system and reliable thermal insulation, which helps to reduce heat consumption.

With proper equipment of the premises for the coaching staff, the specific heat consumption for heating can be about 15 kWh / m2. This will be a building that provides thermal comfort all year round without using an active heating system. For maximum energy saving, effective heat recovery will be used, but heat loss will be prevented by a special thermal insulation system of the building and high-quality filling of building openings.

Steel structures are suitable for any climatic conditions, since the strength and non-combustibility of steel, as well as the reliability of mounting connections, ensure the stability and durability of the object.

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