Our company PMK-1 produces prefabricated arched frameless hangars. This is a special type of structure made from a prefabricated base and durable steel sheets. They can be erected absolutely anywhere, and if necessary, the structure can be easily dismantled. The width of the hangar arch can vary within a few tens of meters, the length of the building is also selected depending on the client’s requirements.

The structure of quickly erected hangars is distinguished by its strength, durability and reliability. The production process can be implemented in any region, even with the most severe climate and in places with seismic activity.

Advantages of prefabricated structures

Recently, prefabricated hangars are very often used for commercial purposes. These structures, which are offered by our company PMK-1, are very convenient, because they are assembled in the shortest possible time, if necessary, they can be disassembled and transported to another place. In addition, they have a very low price.

Hangars can be cold and insulated, depending on the purpose of the room. For the first type of buildings, galvanized steel is used. As for the walls of the insulated hangar, they, as a rule, are finished with heat-insulating material, which helps to maintain a favorable climate.

On average, during the period of severe frosts, the temperature in this room ranges from 18 to 20 degrees Celsius.

Such buildings can be of different shapes and sizes. It all depends on the chosen design project. In addition, customers can additionally order the installation of internal partitions, gateways and windows. When assembling the structure, its elements are securely attached, which excludes the possibility of any deformations.

Prefabricated buildings gained their popularity due to the following characteristic advantages:

  • Today hangar construction can be carried out at any time of the year.
  • The construction does not require heavy specialized equipment.
  • The materials from which the hangar is mounted are not afraid of temperature extremes, so it can be assembled even in harsh climatic conditions.
  • The walls of insulated prefabricated hangars contribute to heat and sound insulation.
  • The construction does not require the participation of a large number of workers.
  • The material is not afraid of precipitation, does not corrode, mold. The structure can serve for several decades without the need for repairs.
  • The light weight of the cladding material does not require the use of a heavy foundation, which reduces construction costs.
  • The fire safety of the material guarantees the safety of the products inside the warehouse.

As you already understood, these hangars are collected very quickly and without any problems. A team of experienced craftsmen can install this structure in a few weeks. At the same time, the useful area will not be less than that of stationary buildings made of blocks or bricks, and the price of prefabricated hangars in Ukraine is much more affordable!

What is important to consider during installation

When manufacturing buildings from metal structures, there are certain nuances that must be taken into account:

Certain types of products should be insulated and stored only under appropriate indoor conditions. That is why polyurethane foam, mineral wool or sandwich panels are often used for interior cladding and for creating a thermal insulation layer.

Before starting construction, it is necessary to prepare the site and lay the foundation. It should not be too deep because the hangar is lightweight.

Next, a pre-fabricated frame is assembled. Welding can be used for joints, but more often the fixation of the elements is carried out using special fasteners.

After installation, the frame is covered with rolled metal sheets from panels of a given size. For joining the sheets, special rolling machines are used to ensure the strength and tightness of the joints.

As you can see, when professionals get down to business, structures are erected very quickly and without much difficulty. You can buy pre-fabricated hangars from us at an affordable price and at the same time get full customer support at all stages of production and after the commissioning of the object.

Regardless of what you need to equip – security checkpoints in Kiev or premises for a shopping center in Odessa – please contact our managers. We provide advice absolutely free of charge, we will also help to make a calculation, decide on the choice of materials, find out the final price of services. You can contact the PMK-1 staff by calling the numbers indicated on the website or by ordering a call back.

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