We manufacture checkpoints and security facilities for the deployment of security officers.

The facilities can be used as checkpoints (checkpoints) at walk-through enterprises or as control points.

The object is manufactured on the basis of unified prefabricated demountable or welded metal structures.
Can be multifaceted, in which there are no blind zones – 6 or 8-sided. The territory is surveyed at 360 degrees. Double-glazed windows in such premises are protected by a special protective tint film, which does not allow breaking the window. It is important, is not it?

At the request of the customer, we will equip the security facilities with large windows so that security personnel can visually control the territory of a large area and have a large view.

We take care of the comfort inside, and the appearance of the object from the outside.

The functional qualities and the length of the service life of roadblocks depend directly on their equipment, so our company carefully monitors every stage of production.

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