Are you expanding your business and are looking for a suitable solution for warehouse or industrial premises?  We have a great option!  Arched hangar is a reliable construction, built on the basis of a metal structure covered with a special sheet metal.

Most of the outer coatings of arched hangars are galvanized, which significantly slows down the development of corrosion processes and extends the service life of the structure.  Our production of arched hangars is implemented thanks to modern technologies, high-quality materials and high professionalism of the company’s employees.  The widespread distribution of these industrial structures and affordable price made them one for many customers.

Advantages of using arched hangars

Arched hangars have a wide appointment.  They are an ideal alternative for agricultural purposes, such as: storing straw, hay or working equipment, and can also be used as garages, brains, production workshops for truck repair, etc.

We specialize in selling and installing prefabricated hangars with an area of ​​several dozen hundred square meters.  One of the advantages of hangars is their unlimited length.  The span of buildings can reach seventy meters without the support of the internal columns.  The big advantage of prefabricated hangars is also their simplicity of assembly and disassembly, which allows you to place the design on a flat and solid surface without the need to build special in-depth foundations and obtaining construction permits.

Prefabricated designs can be easily enlarged or reduced according to current needs.  We will develop an individual design project depending on the wishes and needs of each customer, we take into account all the wishes and bring them to life.

The main positive moments of the arcuate hangar are:

  • Reducing wind load based on design.
  • Easy snow convergence on a sloping roof.  This moment is very important, because the snowfall has additional pressure on the overlap.
  • The possibility of filling the room with natural light (subject to the use of window openings).
  • Significant savings when installing.  This ensures the absence of a complex rafter system.

Today, the construction of frameless arched hangars makes it possible to expand production or storage facilities without special financial costs.  The construction of a classic brick building under the warehouse takes a lot more time and is much more expensive.

This is not just a high-quality steel construction covered with high-strength isothermal material that is most resistant to adverse weather conditions.  Please note that arched hangar, the price of which is very available, is not afraid of temperature drops, solar rays, snow or rain.  And in the case of using an additional heat-insulating ball, heat is accumulated and allowed to save on heating and air conditioning.

Our offers for customers

These designs solve all problems with space, comply with mandatory standards and can be installed anywhere.  We specialize in selling arched hangars for several decades, so we guarantee compliance with your expectations.  We offer to order not only warehouses turnkey, but also garages, car wash, gas stations and AGZS.

What can we offer you:

  • High quality and affordable price of structures.  Due to the fact that the prefabricated hangars are more profitable and their price is much lower, they enjoy great popularity in consumers.
  • Durability.  The quality of the work performed largely depends on high-strength material from which arched hangars are made.  They are resistant to weather conditions and are designed for service life for more than 50 years.
  • A wide range of use of hangars in various industries, as well as in agriculture.  Thanks to the universality of these tarpaulin halls, you can use them as storage facilities, animal stalls, as well as garages for machine, shelter for sports grounds, etc.
  • Fast production of arched hangars.  The prefabricated design saves time thanks to a simple installation and a possible dismantling.  The implementation of arched hangars is possible for several weeks.
  • Work «turnkey».  We carry out the maintenance of all stages of the implementation of your order, starting from the project development, before entering the hangar into operation.

Our mission is to create high-quality products at an affordable price (whether it is industrial hangars or the manufacture of carriages of cabins from the sandwich panels).  Working on the design of the hangars, we strive to ensure that the final product meets the strict requirements of standards, and their durability has become our business card for many years.

Trust the professionals – give preference to high quality at a reasonable price!  To order a metal structure or simply learn detailed information on cooperation, contact our managers.

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