Do you want to build a hangar for a workshop? Are you wondering what costs to expect, how best to optimize your construction and, of course, who to turn to for qualified help? We are ready to help you in solving these issues.

Keep in mind that the cost of building a workshop hangar is not determined solely by the gross material price. It is necessary to take into account many parameters, such as location, resources expended, logistic risks, etc. Before starting the construction of a hangar for a workshop, you need to carefully think over all the nuances, compare the advantages and disadvantages, and determine the risks.

Modern hangars of service stations made of metal structures from PMK-1 are functional, economical and affordable objects. One of the most important advantages is also the ability to dismantle and relocate the building to a new location. This is especially true for those who are planning to implement a business on leased land. With the choice of a mobile building, this problem is automatically eliminated, since in just a few days you can disassemble it, load materials onto special equipment, transport to a new location and reassemble.

What affects the cost of the hangar

To calculate the cost as accurately as possible, several criteria must be taken into account:

  • Type of construction and model (semi-open or closed room with one or two-leaf doors, etc.);
  • Entrust the construction to professionals or try to find contractors for the assembly of the hangar complex on your own;
  • Selection of materials;
  • The total volume of the building, etc.

Before starting construction, it is also highly recommended to conduct a study of the possibilities of energy supply (gas, water, electricity, etc.), as this significantly affects the final cost of the hangar made of metal structures. Depending on the geographic location of your future facility, this study will also inform you about existing industrial problems and protect you from unnecessary risks.

What is important to consider when choosing

To reduce the cost of building a hangar, we offer tailor-made solutions for each client. In particular, if you want to build a prefab hangar from metal structures, it will cost you much less than if you want to erect a building made of bricks or blocks.

Also, the total cost of your construction will depend on the specifics of the premises (for example, re-equipment for seasonal parking of equipment, storage of auto parts, etc.), the area of the premises.

The hangar’s central strategic point is largely determined by its geographic location. Depending on the proposed activity, it will be in your interests to locate the workshop as close as possible to your potential clients and future partners. You will also have to look into the future and determine the geographic development of your business. If all this seems too complicated for you, order the construction of hangars and turnkey warehouses from us and the best specialists will help:

  • with the choice of a design project;
  • advise on the best design solutions for your area;
  • help to calculate the required usable hangar area;
  • will select the best options for lighting and heating the room;
  • will take on the support of all stages of construction – from design services of metal structures to transportation and installation;
  • will provide warranty service after commissioning.

The main stages of hangar construction

For a competent location, durability and ease of use of hangars, you need to follow the following stages of production:

  • Development of an individual project according to customer requirements.
  • The preparatory stage, which consists in preparing the construction site (if necessary, removing the top layer of soil), pouring the foundation.
  • Manufacturing, transportation and installation of load-bearing arched elements
  • Thermal insulation of the structure, if necessary.
  • Production and installation of gates, installation of the necessary elements for heating, lighting, etc.
  • Commissioning of the facility.

Our experts will bring your project to life and provide long-term technical support. Also, when building hangars in Kiev, you will be provided with expert advice that will help reduce production costs and come to the most profitable solution to the issue.

We can also order hangars for workshops, which today are very popular not only within Kiev, but also in many other regions of the country, as well as the design and construction of shopping centers, car washes, pavilions.

You can contact our managers using the phone number indicated on the website or by writing to e-mail. Consultation and preliminary calculations for the project are absolutely free. Leave your requests, we will contact you as soon as convenient.

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