Changes in the company’s economy begin with the construction of its own warehouse. We know how important an optimized and efficient solution is for our clients, for this reason every new project starts with individual consultation and careful development.

Advantages of special warehouses

Our satisfied customers include automotive, food and beverage, healthcare and many others. In other words, we offer the construction of warehouses for storing goods from any industry and always fulfill all the requirements of our clients. Plus we guarantee affordable prices for warehouses and specialized warehouses.

Our solutions are focused not only on customer needs, we always go further: we rely on quality and experience combined with innovation and creativity! For many years, we have been guided by a constant striving for innovation, interest in modern trends and thoughtful solutions, therefore, having enlisted the support of our customers, we continue to actively develop and offer all new technological solutions.

Special storage facilities are a kind of pre-fabricated hangars in which absolutely all the necessary conditions are created for long-term storage of various raw materials and materials, as well as subsequent transportation. Modern warehouses in Ukraine are necessary for representatives of almost any business that involves the exchange of goods. Companies that care about the availability of suitable premises for the safety of certain goods can choose a warehouse depending on its functionality and purpose. In particular, you can design a separate room:

  • for storing bulky containers;
  • a large number of small boxes and boxes;
  • for storage and overexposure of equipment;
  • as a repair box for agricultural equipment and transport;
  • for storing raw materials, semi-finished products;
  • seasonal placement of grain and other products stored in bulk.

Our well-thought-out warehouse designs simplify transportation and facilitate the internal organization of usable space, provide quick access to goods, save time and resources. The clear structure and the ability to arrange various racks inside contribute to the high efficiency of our individual solutions for each warehouse. For individual design of metal structures, please contact the managers of our website.

The storage elements used are, of course, optimized for each specific purpose, and therefore, in addition to speeding up work procedures and saving money, they also provide a high degree of security.

Our offers for clients

The basis of any pre-fabricated facility is the metal frame of the hangar. The individual elements are combined to create an intelligent overall concept with safe and compact storage of goods and equipment. To achieve the ideal result, we offer a variety of construction systems. Our offer additionally includes installed internal partitions and windows, warehouses can be insulated or cold. Also, these buildings can differ in different area and shape, which depends on a specific design project of the structure.

We monitor the production process at all stages of implementation:

  • Experienced engineers and designers work on the project, calculating each element as competently as possible and correctly distributing the load on the supporting parts.
  • We select materials, the quality of which does not cause any doubts, and we also use high-quality equipment for production.
  • We transport prefabricated elements to the customer’s site and assemble the structure in a short time.
  • When fastened, all elements are securely fixed, which completely excludes the possibility of deformation of the structure and exposure to atmospheric phenomena.
  • We take into account all the wishes and individual needs of the customer.
  • We guarantee affordable prices for warehouses in Kiev.

We can adapt our solutions to any customer needs and build a warehouse according to your individual requirements and specifications. We will be happy to advise you and introduce you to all the available design options for specialized warehouses. Our company implements the construction of turnkey warehouses and guarantees its customers an integrated approach and support at any production stage. Contact the managers of our site and get a free consultation on all your questions.

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