We have been designing and building buildings for various industries for many years and not only.

We are engaged in the expansion and reconstruction of existing facilities.

We carry out complex construction of industrial, commercial, agricultural facilities, warehouse, office and shopping complexes.

For example:

Agricultural facilities:
– cattle-breeding complexes;
– vegetable stores;
– granaries;
– warehouses, barns.

Industrial facilities:
– production complexes – workshops, warehouses;
– boxes, garages for equipment;
– building car washes and service stations;
– administrative buildings;
– office buildings;
– shopping centers.

Buildings can be equipped with lifting and transport equipment.

Depending on the material of load-bearing structures erected by our company, the buildings are:
– frame (metal frame, with a reinforced concrete frame);
– Frameless (metal, wooden, brick).

The external covering of walls is carried out according to the functional purpose of the building.

Our buildings meet safety standards, including wind and snow loads, which is extremely important in the cold season. Therefore, they can be used in all regions of Ukraine, without fears and risks.

There are single-storey, multi-storey and mixed storeys, with one or several spans, cold, insulated.
These, and many other details, it is important to clarify and discuss. You can do it right now, through the feedback box or the numbers indicated in the contacts. We will respond promptly to all questions. We are waiting for your call!

  • shopping centers (from 3000.00 UAH per 1 sq.m.)
  • industrial buildings (from 6000.00 UAH per 1sq.m)
  • office buildings (from 7000,00 UAH per 1sq.m)

Currently, the construction of a shopping and entertainment center from metal structures is popular, since it is much cheaper and faster in comparison with the construction of buildings using traditional methods. Our company provides services for the construction of facilities in this way with the provision of a guarantee of reliability and quality. If you need the construction of a shopping and entertainment center in Ukraine, please contact us right now at the contact information indicated on the site: a mobile phone number or an e-mail address.

The main advantages of the mall made of metal structures

In most cases, it takes a lot of money and time to build a shopping center. Each customer always wants to save money and resources in the process of performing work. That is why many of our clients prefer construction technology using metal structures. Its main advantages are as follows:

  1. Fast construction speed. This is due to several factors: the uniformity of the elements used, their simplicity and the great experience of our masters.
  2. Lightness that does not require the construction of a large foundation. This not only saves time but also money. Even if the object will have several floors, its base may not be as strong as required for the construction of a reinforced concrete building.
  3. Compliance of the building with all standards in force in the country – environmental, sanitary, etc. For this purpose, the appropriate communications are carried out to the object, provided for by the project documentation. We are talking about electricity, water supply, sewerage, ventilation, etc.
  4. A wide variety of shapes and sizes. This is facilitated by the materials used to create metal structures. High-grade steel and properly designed trusses are a guarantee that the building will ultimately be really strong and durable. The useful area of ​​such structures, as a rule, is very significant.
  5. High energy efficiency. For this, suitable sandwich panels can be used. They are typical elements that consist of several layers. As a result, they manage to keep the heat inside the room quite well.

If you are interested in modular buildings and structures, our specialists are ready to design and erect them for you in a relatively short period of time. This service is of high quality and reliability, which we are ready to guarantee to our customers.

What should you pay attention to?

A popular service, which implies the need to carefully consider not only how the building should look, but also where it should be located – is the construction of turnkey shopping centers in Kiev. It is important to choose the right area so that there is always a corresponding influx of clients. If the business is aimed at visitors by car, it is necessary to organize an appropriate entrance and parking space.

The appearance of any shopping center in the modern world plays an essential role. It depends on him whether customers will trust a particular store. Currently, the facade can be made from many materials, regardless of what technologies were used in the process of constructing the supporting frame.

For the development of the design of shopping centers, the price depends on many factors. The cost can sometimes be high, but in no case should you spare money on it. According to some experts, it is much better to spend your financial resources on the competent creation of a project than to regret later because the client will feel comfortable at the facility.

If you require a shopping center construction, it is important to consider safety as well. This category includes factors such as:

  • quality of materials;
  • strength of metal structures;
  • fire alarm;
  • the presence of a security service;
  • installation of video surveillance cameras;
  • the presence of lockers;
  • provided space for metal detectors, etc.

If you have any questions, our specialists are ready to advise you completely free of charge. Thus, you can get answers, on the basis of which the client will be able to make a truly informed decision about what exactly the finished object should be.

What does the cost depend on?

Shopping and entertainment centers and industrial buildings made of sandwich panels are already typical structures at the moment, which are being erected everywhere. They have proven their effectiveness and really good functional qualities. Their cost depends on a number of factors that you should definitely take into account. Among them, it is worth highlighting, first of all, the following:

  • the urgency of the task;
  • region construction and conditions of this process;
  • the need to use additional equipment;
  • the need for project development and its complexity;
  • the number of used metal structures;
  • the need to connect communication systems;
  • the area of ​​the object and its number of storeys;
  • types of facades used;
  • type of decoration and decoration;
  • additional customer requirements.

The client can order on our website the calculation of the cost of a shopping and entertainment complex made of metal structures. In the future, this amount is included in the official contract, which is signed with the customer. It defines the basic rights and obligations of each of the parties.

Our company is a diversified organization that is ready to build not only frameless semicircular hangars or garages, but also really quickly pay off shopping centers. Contact us right now and you will be convinced of this!

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