1. Module buildings premises will be an excellent solution where you need to provide maximum comfort in modest conditions (at construction sites, for example).

The cabins are used for locker rooms on construction sites, for mini-office for superintendents, for temporary residence of a certain number of builders, as sanitary modules.

Our main goal is to equip the cabins for your needs and tasks. Your comfort is our work and care.

At will, in addition we will equip the shed with equipment – heaters, conditioners, sanitary equipment.

The cabins are made of metal frame. Galvanized corrugated board with polymer coating is used for plating. The design of the room has high strength, which is necessary for repeated loading-unloading.
If necessary, they can be installed on each other in several floors.

Three key points are important in the production of cabins:
– First, it is a convenient layout of the room;
– Secondly – ergonomics;
– Thirdly – care that the original functional parameters of the room are kept as long as possible. Up to an unlimited term of exploitation.

In general, this will make your living room endlessly comfortable and durable, without any repairs.
You will have a high-quality cabins, in a short time, if you order it from us.

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