Metal structures

Manufacture of metal structures is the main activity of our company in the Ukrainian market for 27 years.
And, as you know, we know everything about them, and even more.
We provide a full range of services for metal structures: design, installation and dismantling. Including warranty and post-warranty maintenance of construction sites.
We have been building successfully hangars for a long time: this multifunctional type of buildings does not require massive foundations, has the necessary safety margin and is resistant to the environment.

Industrial building

We carry out complex construction of industrial, commercial, agricultural facilities, warehouse, office and shopping complexes.
We are engaged in the expansion and reconstruction of existing facilities.

Public transport stops

Stops and stopping complexes, are able to aesthetically change the appearance of our cities and settlements. If, of course, made qualitatively and with the soul. We do this only. You have the opportunity to see this.

Module buildings

Household facilities will be an excellent solution where you need to provide maximum comfort.

Our main goal is to equip the cabins for your needs and tasks. Your comfort is our work.

Garages and car washes

We manufacture garages to the size of the customer, from economy-options, to garage complexes for several cars. No common templates. We are based on your desires, as we value an individual approach, and high-quality implementation.

We build car washes, which correspond to all fire regulations, with observance of sanitary norms and rules. The facilities are environmentally safe in all respects.

Sports facilities

We have been building sports buildings and structures for many years. Our sports facilities perform many functions and can be used for competitions or training.

Hangars for sports, warehouses for sports equipment, indoor sports grounds, slipways for boats and boats and much more.

Pavilions and booths

We produce and install pavilions and booths for business of various directions, any configuration, including collapsible.

The actual construction technology at our enterprise is aimed at reducing the structural weight of the facility.
Creating lightweight and at the same time very strong objects is our goal and task.

Security facilities

We manufacture checkpoints and security facilities for the deployment of security officers.
The facilities can be used as checkpoints (checkpoints) at walk-through enterprises or as control points.

Private houses cottages

We come with full responsibility to every stage of production of cottages, considering everything, to the smallest detail.
It is important for us to return to us for new houses and country houses, recommended to friends and acquaintances.
Therefore, our work is characterized by impeccable quality and durability, not to mention reliability and safety.
We work according to the principle – every stage of work, from foundation to interior finishing, must satisfy the customer completely.

Gas stations

The construction and installation of auto and gas stations is one of the promising directions in our activity today and in the foreseeable future.

We are proud of our work, and therefore very responsibly approach the development of each element of the object.
More details can be read here.

Summer Terraces and Shopping Rows

We erect summer terraces (decking, located on a specially prepared basement) and verandas for restaurants and cafes. Functional, beautiful, fast.

We make trading rows, according to standard projects and taking into account the individual needs of the customer
The dimensions of the structures are calculated on the basis of the customer’s wishes.

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