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For the car enthusiast garage – the second house. And we will make sure that it is comfortable, safe and durable.

Products are frame structures, where the support is a metal frame. Garment cladding does not carry a basic purpose and in the future there is the possibility to replace it with a new one as it wears out.
For facing we use sheets of cold-rolled steel with a thickness of 2.0 and 1.2 mm or corrugated board with a thickness of 0.5 and 0.7 mm.

There are different types of roofs, one-run, two-track.
You can make a garage in a cold version or insulated with interior trim.

The garage can be metal integral, as well as collapsible (sectional, which makes it easy to disassemble it when moving to another location).

We guarantee the reliability and durability of the structure.

We make garages for the size of the customer, from economy options, to garage complexes for several cars. There is an opportunity to further increase the design, which is also important.

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Car Wash

Car wash – classified as temporary construction.


1. mobile (small architectural form of fast-erecting buildings, does not need a solid foundation)
2. Stationary (involves the construction of a foundation).

We successfully practice both versions of car wash construction and are ready to help you build such a functional object for business.

Advantages of mobile structures in the construction of car washes:

1. It is possible to dismantle and transport in ready-made form to the prepared place.
2. Installation takes minimum time and you can start working in the shortest possible time.
3. For a foundation, you can not build a foundation. Any solid coating or pad is suitable.
4. Inside there are ventilation and lighting systems.
5. The area of the room can be different, depending on how many washing posts are laid by the project.
6. A combined sink has all the characteristics of a stationary sink and has its own advantages.

If you chose us, then you can be confident and calm for three reasons:

1. The car wash corresponds to all fire regulations.
2. All sanitary features are observed.
2. The facility is environmentally safe in all respects.

The cost depends on the details, which are very quickly and simply discussed over the phone.
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