Interior Design/Landscape Design

Design of interiors of premises

Interior design includes work on the design of residential premises – apartments, cottages, country houses, offices.
Design of the room begins with the design of the project. This is a folder of documents, with drawings, a description of functional solutions, information about communications, finishing materials and all other details, including the terms of reference, with the requirements and wishes of the customer.
When designing and developing a design project, the main criterion for us is the appropriate use of the area, functionality and visual appeal.
Further, after detailed measurements of the room, it is already possible to develop approximate planning decisions and sketches. After that, the customer receives several layout options, with different solutions for arranging furniture and distributing the main functional areas.
If necessary, we carry out drawings of changes in the layout, change plans for ceilings, floor coverings, change the placement of plumbing and lighting.
Our designers will create your corporate style, solve the problem of lack of space, take care of comfort. To the smallest detail will think over the ergonomics of the room, help you to implement competently and professionally the most daring of your wishes in the interior.

We will develop color and light solutions, depending on your wishes, the features of the room and its tasks.

We can arrange the design of different types of rooms, execute to order:

– design interior apartments;
– cottages;
– town houses;
Restaurants, cafes;
– offices;
– design of retail and public areas, etc.

We will make your space functional and comfortable, quickly, efficiently, on time.

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Landscape Design

We are engaged in complex landscaping, landscaping, landscaping, installation and maintenance of an automatic irrigation system, small repairs. (Possible only on sites in Kiev and the Kiev region.)

We create a comfortable architecture of the environment, embody the most daring of your projects and dreams with the help of landscape design techniques.

Landscaping is more and more important than just landscaping and gardening.
It is a symbiosis of architecture and living plants, their harmony.
This is the same cup of coffee, which is nice to drink on your site, because everything around is pleasing to the eye.
We will do it that way.

Now about the main stages to be accomplished:

The first stage in landscaping and landscaping of the site is landscape design. Our company provides this service. The professional team will conduct preparatory work with the departure to the site, gather the necessary information, analyze it, and create possible project options.
Next, using modeling, the final design of your infield is created, taking into account your wishes. Designing is an important stage, because it is through modeling that it becomes clear and precise what landscape structures and living plants you need for the best result.

Our experts competently design a landscape exterior. You will be able to see a plan for further work. Everything will be done not only taking into account the terrain and weather conditions, but also all your wishes will be fulfilled and adjustments will be made to the design. The selection of materials is also carried out according to the requirements of the clients.

In general, all services are provided based on your preferences.

Our company provides design and design services both in small suburban areas and in vast garden areas.

We prepare and restore abandoned land.

Types of works in the field of landscape design that the company provides:

– lawn laying;
– creation of flower beds and flower beds, avenues;
– planting shrubs, trees;
– the device of stony gardens, alpine hills;
– paving paths;
– irrigation (intrasoil, drip, rain).

Make your life more beautiful with us.

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